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  1. Capt.Stanford

    IXEG please, PLEASE give us a VNAV system!

    Yep, just hope to see some progress in the future which I'm sure we will.
  2. Capt.Stanford

    IXEG please, PLEASE give us a VNAV system!

    All we can do is wait Cameron......
  3. This is probably the only plane I can fly in XP11 thanks to not only the systems realism but the fact it imitates the sounds and camera shaking so perfectly, not even PMDG or FSL could do this so you guys should be proud. When I got the plane for the first time after purchase I was disappointed that I bought more of a unfinished beta rather than a complete product: the exterior doors didn't open (which for me in the first time in 10 years of simming is the first for a payware), and the FMS was missing so much stuff that I could compare it to the vanilla FMS from XP11. But what truly grunts me is that VNAV is not only not implemented (for descent) but that it's so buggy that every time I use it for descent it crashes my sim (XP 11.30). I really want to enjoy this plane; this is in fact one of 2 planes that I fly in XP11 this and the 737 Ultimate. But even the ultimate despite being freeware has a working VNAV system. Yes the FMS is not complete like that of other payware such as PMDG but that usually takes much time. The last update was more than a year ago and not a single thing no matter how minuscule has been added to this bird. Honestly IXEG you guys should've kept this plane back a few more years and release it with ALL the features it's supposed to have. I honestly wouldn't mind waiting another few more years to have a complete simulation rather than an unfinished beta., not trying to come across as rude but I want to get my opinion out because I CARE and WANT this to be the greatest addon for not only XP11 but flight sim itself. You guys had a great idea but poorly executed it's schedule, this entire situation with the incomplete FMS reminds me of the 737 MAX grounding, it just wasn't ready yet. Now yes I also do want a complete FMS in fact along with VNAV I want a complete FMS, because when the FMS is complete then the ENTIRE plane will be fully functional as it should be, I honestly don't care for the doors, it's all eye candy and 95% of the time is spent in the air anyways. I hope Jan you and your team will take a look at this and give it some thought, I am aware you guys are planning an update but it's been a while and this plane needs a full FMC. If the update could come out this summer than great! I would start spending more time in XP11 rather than P4D even though the latter has more functionality. Please IXEG.... you have the potential to become the PMDG of X-Plane, use it!
  4. Capt.Stanford

    Help with vnav and fmc

    You know what Jan your right, I can't because this is THE most immersive aircraft I've ever flown on a simulator, not even PMDG or FSLabs got their sounds & camera system as close as this. I do hope you will finish the plane soon though.
  5. Capt.Stanford

    Help with vnav and fmc

    Jan when will you guys release the FMS update, because I do know you guys are workin on re-doing the flight management portion. It's a shame that a aircraft like this was released in this state. IMHO you should have taken your time & released it in full, we can be patient & wait.
  6. Capt.Stanford

    Any news on the next update?

    No news from Jan or IXEG?
  7. Capt.Stanford

    Things that are NOT going to be in V1.0

    Yeah I just want a fully functioning VNAV system & a full FMS, I can handle not being able to open the doors for a while. Quite a virtual fleet you got there, you could start your own airline!
  8. Capt.Stanford

    Things that are NOT going to be in V1.0

    Probably late here for the party, any idea when the next update after 1.21 will come? namely to address the CTD issue when using VNAV on descent? This is the best payware plane for XP11 (IMHO) but the fact that the FMS is incomplete kinda ruins the immersion for me. IXEG I know you have it in you, guys you have to believe in yourself. You made a plane so immersive in sounds & especially in the camera system it makes PMDG look like nothing. IXEG I know you can do it! BTW I am more into the classic 737 than the modern ones, keep it up Jan & Friends!
  9. Capt.Stanford

    Any news on the next update?

    I love the IXEG so much, its THE most immersive plane I've ever flown not even PMDG could match up too it in sounds & especially the custom camera. The plane is almost complete & all it needs if a fully functioning FMS, however IXEG has been moving at a glacial pace and the last update was 6 months ago. I'm wondering if we will see a completed or at least near completed FMS system. As a Airbus pilot for P4D I'm used to using VNAV for everything. Any news from Jan or another dev from IXEG as to when an update to make VNAV usable on descent & complete FMC? Keep up the good work IXEG, this is your ace in the hole please help bring it to the glory it so very deserves!
  10. Capt.Stanford

    FMC progress page not showing data

    Ok I managed to pull it off again, what I did was insert the departure runway, then the route itself, then before activating & executing I inserted the STAR & an arrival runway, the end result is the progress page displayed the destination. I'm not sure if you need to enter the STAR before route activation to get the DEST airport showing but it seems to work for me. Hopefully waiting for the news of a V1.3 release that will complete the FMC soon she really is a fine bird it's just the FMC that kills me.
  11. Guess I was misinformed, I'm starting to think that VNAV on the 737 (at least for now) is somewhat like an advisory system used on CRJ aircraft, I'm about to start training for my Instrument Rating here at University & I use flight simulators (X-Plane/P3D) along with Navigraph to help me practice SID/STAR procedures, so it is important for me the FMC has somewhat full VNAV functionality. It's still a good plane anyways even if the FMC is not fully functional, hopefully IXEG will release an update soon. Exactly when we'll find out soon enough hopefully
  12. Haven't tried VNAV yet, Jan you said that real pilots (assuming on the 737CL) use V/S & FLCH for descent? I thought they use VNAV for descent
  13. Capt.Stanford

    FMC progress page not showing data

    Hmmm I know it is still a WIP but I forgot to mention in the previous post that I was able to get it to work by adding the STAR to the route during preflight, tried it again and it still didn't work. I want to know if other people have the same issue & if they did how they fixed it.
  14. Capt.Stanford

    Wet ground textures during rain

    Greetings As I have just moved (although I still have my old sim) from P3D to X-Plane 11 I have noticed a massive difference, now X-Plane 11 has a WAY more advanced rendering engine that allows a more realistic environment than P3D however it is missing one of the critical features which I loved so much and that was a soaked ground. Whenever it rained in FSX/P3D the ground would become shiny and would become "wet", however when it rains in X-Plane 11 there is no such effect but there is however for snow. I know it's possible in XP11 judging by the 2 pics bellow, and I have xEnviro. Not sure if it does have this effect & if it does is there anyway to enable it?
  15. Hello all Recently purchased the IXEG 737 classic since I'm a real life pilot (PPL, working towards my ATP) and because of this I'm a massive hardcore systems simmer. I do checklists according to the real FCOM & the 737 by IXEG is my PMDG for me for X-Plane. Now the IXEG 737 isn't perfect (nothing ever really is) the FMC does not have full functionality and I can live with that for now, hoping IXEG will release an update in the future which I believe they will after reading previous threads. The problem I have now is that I program the FMC according to real world procedures, inserting the coroute & completing the PERF INIT & TAKEOFF page, however it shows the LEGS on the PROGRESS PAGE but does not show the destination AIRPORT & the fuel remaining. I followed procedures from the FCOM & memory and I haven't had this issue with other aircraft either in X-Plane or P3D. Now I know the FMC is not complete (hopefully, Yet) but there must be something I missed? I don't have much experience with the 737 classic especially in X-Plane so can anyone recommend any ideas?