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  1. dradecki

    Unable to install

    Okay, thanks. I'll give it a try tonight.
  2. dradecki

    Unable to install

    I just checked, it is at 100%. I installed all my X-Aviation apps this weekend and this was the only one I have issues with.
  3. dradecki

    Unable to install

    I just purchased MaxxFx and when I get to the X-Aviation Customer Purchase Validation I enter my email address as requested and I get a dialog that pops up saying "You need to specify a value". There is no other items to enter, not even my password. Is there a fix?
  4. dradecki

    KDTW payware WIP --- KDTW+KYIP+KARB+more!

    Of course people will buy it. Looks like great work, just waiting for its release.
  5. Tried over at the org, but no luck. Hoping maybe someone here might have an answer. I have converted scenery that straddles a longitude so objects are in two different dsf files. One contains the runway and taxiway textures for the entire airport. When I bring it up in x-plane you only see the textures on the half of the airport where they are included on that side of the longitude line. Any idea how to fix this. I tried Apply_layer in the obj file but no luck. Thanks in advance. Update: The ATTR_layer_draped_group is applied in the file. So I am guessing draped pol's can't cross longitudes> Can anybody confirm this.
  6. dradecki

    InfiNorth HD Taxi Line Project

    Thank you Colin.
  7. dradecki

    InfiNorth HD Taxi Line Project

    Looking forward to this Colin.
  8. dradecki

    XP Scenery Generator [WIP]

    Wow, very very impressive.
  9. I may have missed it, but is Air Manager capable of running airline style screens and gauges?
  10. dradecki

    The B737 Classic Project

    To me this goes beyond stunning. Unbelieveable efforts.
  11. dradecki

    PHNL Development Thread

    Couple of questions Colin. What techniques do you use in photoshop to clean up and sharpen your images? Also the airport I converted looks good, but the default runway and taxiways I can't seem to get rid of. I even readjusted where in the scenery.ini the airport is located with no success. Any idea of what to do next? Thanks, Dave
  12. dradecki

    .ORG is down?

    No luck here either.