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  1. the_papy

    [SOLVED] Global traffic

    thx for you quick response Goran i waiting the response
  2. the_papy

    [SOLVED] Global traffic

    Hello, do you use TCAS Hack' for view all real plane from Global Traffic?, if not, can you make possibility to add this fonction?
  3. the_papy

    Synthetic Vision ortho4xp

    Grand merci vous avez gagné un nouveau client
  4. the_papy

    Synthetic Vision ortho4xp

    Thanks but my question is for the mesh ortho sorry for my bad question , you g1000 read the mesh from ortho4xp now? I think I l read maybe latter it’s exact?
  5. the_papy

    Synthetic Vision ortho4xp

    Anyone person confirm is the vision pfd on g1000 work with orto4xp?
  6. the_papy

    Synthetic Vision ortho4xp

    Hello, synthetic vision on pfd work with ortho4xp 1.3 now? Or need use altpilotx Mesh v4 with Ortho4xp
  7. the_papy

    "Pulsating" problem 1.1.7 and 1.1.6

    16 giga ram... go up to 32, maybe disk swap, and sorry but 1060 .. why buy 1060 for.. plz seek on forum before . You configuration is light
  8. the_papy

    "Pulsating" problem 1.1.7 and 1.1.6

    Use software : process lasso and test it all processus on processor 0 and 1 and only x-plane on all other processus seek tuto on YouTube , It’s the solution for you
  9. the_papy

    TBM 900 v1.1.7 Update Released!

    It’s the same for me.alls days I see on the forum and waiting stable version before buy it. I’m happy for the support. It’s really quick reaction.
  10. Hello, i do no view powerline in xplane, i use you config_hd wat is the solution for view powerline plz? v 0.7.2 Thanks
  11. the_papy

    Announcing SoundMaxx for X-Plane!

    Its commercial.. More you waiting.. More you want buy.. Psychologie of money , its normal
  12. the_papy

    Announcing SoundMaxx for X-Plane!

    wait do is give people the attraction, desire, it is a method of bisness many people wait for , possible max money when is launch , all its bisness
  13. the_papy

    GNS 430

    Big thanks
  14. the_papy

    GNS 430

    the same , if its possible
  15. the_papy

    MAXX FX Theme Overview.....

    i dont support piracy ! if you invented car name Ford , its piracy invented car Fiat? "its the same" just other company . there always a first in an invention. The others follow or improve. it is the same our world2xplane and osm2xp you dont think ? osm2xp its no free... World2xplane its better and free now but i buy it after if really improve performence with more graphical house and disign. its concurence , Windows or linux .. I do not question maxx-fx but honestly you just made ​​one single basic setting after it's over .. If maxx fx changes the settings automatically from a curve of light and shadow to be met, after hours day or dusk then I would say there is a big positive.