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  1. IXEG 737-300 Flows document

    Thanks for this very helpful document!
  2. 55+ FPS to 10 or less FPS in mere seconds....

    Just want to note that yesterday another Windows 10 update (KB3189866) arrived. As updates are cumulative, this shows the same problem as the other one. Apparently only OpenGL games are affected (there are mostly threads about this by users of Second Life viewers, and some games like RuneScape, D&D Online and even WoW). Only solution is uninstalling and blocking the updates, until Microsoft gets aware of it (there are a few threads at about it, but so far no official reaction) and tries to solve it.
  3. Project Ibiza X

  4. CYMV Fly-In Theater

  5. Bell 206B 1977 livery "M"

  6. LE38 Torremocha de Jiloca

  7. 3W5 Mears Field Airport

  8. C172SP Wide Panel Project

  9. Aerobridge-LJPZ

  10. Setting joystick commands via X-Plane menue

    It has always, since v1.0 of the Saab, been said that this limitation exists and won't be changed.