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  1. Thank you Tharan for the tip. It worked fine. I also had to follow these instructions once loaded because I also had the "Waiting for Connection..." screen inside the plane. Merry Christmas to all !
  2. Hi Cameron, Thank you for the update. How can I install this new version on my system ? Best regards.
  3. What did you fly today?

    C177RG Happy flying !
  4. System requirements for acceptable performance?

    With his 2GB RAM hardware and a 10 years old CPU ? A heavy and resource-demanding OS like Windows 7 may help for compatibility issues with newer 64 bit add-ons, but I would not expect better performance with this OS and hardware. What's your graphic board and monitor resolution ? Did you update your graphic driver ?
  5. What did you fly today?

    The Epic E1000 by Aerobask.
  6. Flying the Panthera

    Great videos !
  7. Why so few aircraft?

    They also sell Chevrolet:
  8. What did you fly today?

    Near Thionville (France)
  9. X-Plane 10 Coming To Steam in 10 DAYS!

    And no one asked for X-Plane 10 cheat codes...