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  1. Easy way to see QNH in X-Plane

    Google Ask ATC Or you could "Query Newlyn Harbour" (hehe) other than that i dont know.
  2. Random Pictures

    Hello, I decided to start a thread where we can all post our random pictures of anything. Feel free to post yours myself iPod screensaver our vacation spot
  3. MX Aircraft 2 [Freeware]

    Cant wait for it to be posted!
  4. What did you fly today?

    Some pics form Project UPS:
  5. What did you fly today?

    OMG SO HI RES!!!! no seriously i love XP10 kuz of its high resolution. And the pic of the cockpit in post 1563 is my NEW favorite wallpaper... fits my screen perfectly!
  6. What did you fly today?

    so you want the inside of the bathroom too??
  7. What did you fly today?

  8. What did you fly today?

    Hello, this is my first time posting here in the screenshots section... but i DO have some epic (at least i think so) shots of the CRJ by JRollon
  9. Piaggio P180 Avanti II upgrade

    Cant wait!! Its going to be probably the best freeware modification I have ever downloaded...
  10. Piaggio P180 Avanti II upgrade

    i would download-even pay- for this product right now even if it wasnt finished. VERY nice work
  11. Cassutt Racer Development

    well id just add some flaps just to spoil the lift, even if it only had one setting. Remember that every Cassutt Racer is different!!
  12. CRJ700

    Id love to help on this project. Anything I can do?? Im pretty good with paints...
  13. Cassutt Racer Development

    well i actually dont have the latest copy... i have version 1.0 while they have V11.17... again im WAY out of the loop on this project..... id be happy to post up some pics if i actually had the latest version.
  14. Cassutt Racer Development

    a solution to your problem: increase speedbrake drag increase flap drag