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  1. airfighter

    P.180 Avanti II - Support

    Hey guys, v2.2.0.VR is now available! CHANGELOG - VR compatible in collaboration with SimVRLabs. - New outside mapping. Incuded 1 basic (white) texture and the XB-KSW. - Includes previous fixes. - Initial Avitab implementation on MFD (3rd page). No "touch" controls yet. - New manipulators, due to compatibility with VR. - Manipulators for Flaps, Condition Levers, and Throttles with detends. Here you are: http://forums.x-pilot.com/files/file/1081-p180-avanti-ii/
  2. airfighter

    add new scenery

    No. You need the full product to be able to have access to the land for the rest of the world.
  3. airfighter

    General Aviation - P.180 Avanti II

    Exactly! Specially when you got it in the plane!
  4. airfighter

    General Aviation - P.180 Avanti II

    Typical cabin pressurization problem. If you do a cold start, then the switches in the image below will be on the OFF position. After start the engines, turn them ON.
  5. airfighter

    P.180 Avanti II - Support

    A short update. Working now with SimVRlabs to adapt Avanti with VR. A few things are remaining to be ironed out, before ready. With that opportunity, all manipulators have been reworked, specially the throttles, condition levers, and flaps. Now they have a "gated" fill, which means that they will "stick" a bit in the various positions. Also I have remapped the whole exterior of the plane to allow for easier painting, which means that the old liveries won't work. I will try to do, except a white basic, another one maybe, and then hopefully the community could jump in to do more. In conclusion, a new version (2.2) is on the horizon.
  6. airfighter

    P.180 Avanti II - Support

    Definitely the whole flight model needs some work to be modernized to XP11.30 standards, which, unfortunately, is something that I do not have. Hopefully in the near future be able to tackle this.
  7. airfighter

    P.180 Avanti II - Support

    Are you running XP 11.30+ with experimental model on? If so, try with off. I can't see anything problematic in the log files, and I can't see any obvious reason.
  8. airfighter

    P.180 Avanti II - Support

    First of all, you can't control the throttles via manipulators in 3D cockpit. This is something that will come in the near feature bundled with VR compatibility. You can only control them via joystick or keyboard. Is there any possibility to have any kind of problem with your joystick?
  9. airfighter

    P.180 Avanti II - Support

    If you pressed the VNAV button. Although exists, X-Plane behaviour is wrong (engages autothrottle) which is not right. So the throttles are controlled by the "AP" and you can do nothing, except press it again to exit and select another vertical mode (V/S, FLC, etc).
  10. airfighter

    P.180 Avanti II - Support

    Did you engaged VNAV?
  11. airfighter

    librain plugin and Gizmo

    Using @Tonka's example (http://forums.x-pilot.com/forums/topic/14692-gizmo-pluginsfindplugin-function/) , I'm checking for the librain is loaded, and I get this: G64: 219.512: Looking for a plugin by sig.. G64: 219.512: Looking for a plugin by sig: FOUND G64: 219.512: C-Core Error: XDataref.setByteV ran for non-custom dataref. G64: 219.512: C-Core Error: XDataref.setByteV ran for non-custom dataref. So, the plugin is found, librain datarefs take my values, but the object is not loaded, nor the librain initialized. The Gizmo error about XDataref.setByteV (byte array dataref?) is something that I don't get it, since I'm not trying to set any Byte type dataref. Close "enough" might be (or irrelevant), setting the dataref librain/glass_0/obj/filename as a string: dref.setString(windshield.obj, avanti_folder .. "objects/librain/windshield.obj") I might try this... dref.setBytes( dataref_id, start_at, byte_string_var ) EDIT: Nope...looks something in the core of Gizmo. Or must take another path...
  12. I think that I will make a tradition to post once per year to keep this thread alive! Here we go...
  13. airfighter

    librain plugin and Gizmo

    Trying to use librain plugin by @skiselkov with Gizmo, but I'm having some difficulties. First of all, the librain seems to load after Gizmo, and my script cannot find librain's datarefs. By rebooting Gizmo the problem seems to go away. So, I need a way to "delay" the lookup for the datarefs, until the librain is loaded. Second, after rebooting Gizmo, I get this error: G64: 404.654: Boot Count: 9 G64: 409.308: C-Core Error: XDataref.setByteV ran for non-custom dataref. G64: 409.308: C-Core Error: XDataref.setByteV ran for non-custom dataref. 2019-02-14 11:33:03 librain[plugin.c:194]: librain init error: you have set librain/num_glass_use = 1, but librain/glass_0/obj is not loaded. Any thoughts...anyone? Here is my script. librain.lua
  14. airfighter

    DC-9 for X-Plane

    Time for a short update! I'm working on the system side and have almost done with the GUI and the weight and loading. So, let me explain the overall design philosophy, which extends to the whole project. Your role in the DC-9 is the Captain in command. You will have the role and the responsibilities due to that position. That means, for example, that you will adjust the fuel you need for your flight, but not in which tank the fuel will go. This will be done automatically by a background "load manager". The same with passengers and cargo. Of course, will be your responsibility to make sure that the loading limits are not exceeded! Image 1: Pax loading. The bottom graph displays the limits (red markers) and the blue and pink markers the current ZFW index and TOW Index respectively. The limits will also move depending the current gross weight, to project the 2D chart (see image 4) into a 1D line. I believe the rest are self-explanatory...how they work! Image 2: Cargo loading. Note: Each passenger is computed to carry 1 item of 13 kg baggage, which will take some cargo space. I will also add at the bottom the same graph as in the passengers tab. Image 3: Fuel Loading. You will just adjust the total fuel. Also I will add the same graph here too. Image 4: Aircraft Loading. This is the final tab you will have to look at, before you start your flight, because beyond having the full chart available, you will use the GW marker to check in which slope line you are close, to get the stab trim setting (STAB TO ANU) for the take off!.
  15. airfighter

    DC-9 for X-Plane

    First post of the year, so... Happy New Year 2019! Working on weight and loading, as well as fuel system, with a bit of UI! Here's a sample. While you are loading the plane, on Aircraft tab you will get a actual diagram with pointers for EMPTY weight (not something useful; might be removed), actual Zero-Fuel-Weight (ZFW), and a current Gross Weight (GW). This will not only allow you to check if loading is within limits, but also you'll get the trim setting! In that example looking at GW pointer, we get a GW of 42.2 tons (42245.78 kg...yes those number up in the corner... is for debugging!) and loaded index of 60. Also you should notice that the pink marker touches the 5 deg. diagonal line, which is the trim setting you must use!