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  1. XP11, FMC

    To find the airport try: final_wpt = fmc.getCount()-1 fmc_id = {fmc.getInfo(final_wpt)}
  2. Key West Intl Airport - KEYW

    Thanks a lot @CaptCWGAllen!
  3. Key West Intl Airport - KEYW

  4. Saab 340 in Xplane 11

    Probably by installing X-Plane 10 Demo, you'll get that folder too.
  5. Multiplayer sounds on VATSIM

    Yes... also the sounds are 3D/directional too... a lot of stuff, but it is too early in development.
  6. Multiplayer sounds on VATSIM

    Have something already done, and we are developing a more robust solution...
  7. Key West Intl Airport - KEYW

    Some random images before release. Enjoy!
  8. WED exclusion zones

    No it's XP11.
  9. XP11, FMS, read out scratch pad

    if "LAMINAR" expose scratchpad with the new SDK then "BEN" could insert it to "Gizmo API" else you have to create your own "key catcher" end
  10. WED exclusion zones

    I had no problem, even with objects at full. Also add and airport boundary. Might help.
  11. WED exclusion zones

    Shouldn't be a problem. I can't think anything else. May be if I have a look at the scenery to be able to find out what's wrong.
  12. WED exclusion zones

    A bit weird. Do you have saved and exported the airport without problems? Tried to restart X-Plane?
  13. Valencia - LEVC airport Icarus and Latinwings

    Thanks! LEBB is an interesting airport, and a nice 3D challenge to replicate Calatrava's designs! But, for now our schedule is full. Hopefully in the near future this might be possible!
  14. WED exclusion zones

    Is this scenery on the top of the scenery_packs.ini file?