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  1. Here is the situation: I have 1 manipulator with custom command, but I want, depending of the value of a variable, to use it to run a sim/command. Which I cannot make it work. A pseudocode example of this: custom_cmd_1 = cmd.newCommand("custom/cmd/1", "A custom command", "custom_cmd_1") sim_cmd_1 = cmd.newCommand("sim/foo/cmd1". "A sim command", "sim_cmd_1") function main() if variable_X = 0 then --Now we want to use the custom command to run our code function custom_cmd_1_OnStart() dref.setInt(foo, 1) end elseif variable_X = 1 then -- Now we want our command to execute the sim command function custom_cmd_1_OnStart() cmd.onceByName("sim/foo/cmd1") --Or cmd.beginByName ... the results are the same. end end --if end --main There is a way, by using a 2nd manipulator with ANIM show/hide, but I'm looking if there is a way to do it through code.
  2. USA reg for Icarus Piaggio?

    We have made a paintkit available to anyone who might want to do some liveries, although we are planning to redo the rest of the 3D model, when we have some time to do so.
  3. Valencia Airport LEVC & world traffic 3

    The airport contains all the gate and routing information, accurate to the latest AIP available, to the point that heavy aircrafts have to cross the runway and use the south taxiway for runway 30 departures. So if that is the case, WT3 should work, although we are not supporting it officially. An image to speak for itself.
  4. USA reg for Icarus Piaggio?
  5. KEYW Conflict with Lego Brick Buildings

    Hm...kind of...weird. I was not able to reproduce it, so please post a picture if you can.
  6. Icarus DC-9

    Dear pilots, We are very happy to announce that our DC-9 project, after a lot of hiccups and delays, is finally back on track, and we are working at full speed! The members of our team have experience in real aviation and engineering world, like Aerospace Engineering and flight dynamics testing, pilots, and software programmers. Also we are happy to inform you that part of our team, is a very experienced ex-Swissair DC-9 pilot to ensure the accuracy of the aircraft! Major features: 1. The model will based on DC-9-32, in Swissair’s configuration. This will be the base configuration during development. 2. Accurate flight dynamics, using NASA's simulation tools! 3. System’s simulation to the level that you can/need to operate the aircraft with use of the real aircraft’s manuals. 4. Highly detailed and accurate 3D model. 5. FullHD realistic textures with advanced PBR materials. 5. Fully custom dynamic lighting. 6. Many liveries. To our best, we will match cockpit colors with the liveries. 7. High fidelity sounds, implemented with X-Plane’s new future, "FMOD". 8. VR support from v1.0.0. with full operational manipulators We have opened a dedicated Facebook group, where we will post updates regularly. and discuss with you the development of this project. Feel free to join in! Enjoy
  7. P.180 Avanti II - Support

    There is a moment during the transition from ie, 59 to 60 that look like is going ....59 50 60 61 62.... This is due to that the 10ths digit is not rolling but "digital", so until the speed reach 50.5 shows "5", and then changes to "6". If this is the one, yes it needs fixing.
  8. P.180 Avanti II - Support

    If it is hard to explain, then probably is harder to reproduce and troubleshoot it!
  9. P.180 Avanti II - Support

    Andrea, Avanti is a relative lightweight and more "agile" aircraft when compared with a typical airliner, ie B738, so might "feel" harder to control. Do a test. Fly the Avanti and then the default King Air (C90), since they have a relative similar size. At least for me the response is almost identical in both aircrafts. Beyond that, even Avanti and King Air have small differences, and with the new XP11.10 the ability to setup per aircraft controls configuration is very helpful. Said that, and given that due to Austin fine tuning the engine simulation from his PT6 engine, almost the same with the Avanti engines, when 11.10 goes final, we will revisit the flight model to do some adjustments, including flight controls response. Regards
  10. P.180 Avanti II - Support

    We have sent through the email you gave us a checklist.
  11. P.180 Avanti II - Support

    Please post your Log.txt and GizmoLog.txt files just after you have that problems. Also your PC specs will be helpful.
  12. P.180 Avanti II - Support

    Declutter map: Currently no, but will come with the next update. FMOD is at works right now.
  13. P.180 Avanti II - Support

    Like two left shoes...! Will be fixed with the next update. Thanks for noticing!
  14. P.180 Avanti II - Support

    I will look at it again. One of the beta tester report something similar and I was not able to reproduce it.
  15. P.180 Avanti II - Support

    Thanks a lot! More stuff will come in the future.