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  1. Burning Bridges

    Nice job on the Saab 340A for XP11...

    I bought the Saab a week go and want to fly nothing else since then. Did not get it during a sale but to be honest I don't give a damn, the plane is worth every cent, 50$ is nothing for the time it gives me. I am particularly impressed how everything looks and sounds just like the real thing. I have not owned X-Plane long enough to say if it is the best addon plane for X-Plane, but is sure could be. Most airplanes begin to feel shallow after a short time but with this one I feel the journey just barely begun. My biggest nitpick is some small problems with the instrument glass. Which is way too opaque and does not work on many angles. In particular it does not look like glass but rather badly scratched acryl. But all in all the cockpit is just right and does not look gamey at all like so many others.
  2. Burning Bridges

    Saab 340 Tutorial Video

    Hi N1K your tutorials are a great resource and I already watched two of them. The only thing I sometimes had problems with is that you go a little bit fast through important checklists and dont show the relevant instruments long enough. But that's what teachers in general do and I must rewind and repeat often. Thanks a lot and keep up the fantastic work, it's great somebody with the knowledge gives a complete course on the Saab!!