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    SkyMaxx corrupting Moon.png

    Thanks for the reply Frank! The first time i had this problem i re-installed x-plane to reset the textures back to default, however i watched the file during the boot of xplane and could actually see the file size change as it corrupted during the boot process. Next time i come across this i will try your solution to deleting the default sky colours and see how it goes. AOS seasons extensions i have no idea what that is, i just found it in the log as you mentioned... it must have been installed along with some other add-on without my knowing, i will investigate further as to what this could be. thank you again for your time Chris
  2. TheHorsley

    SkyMaxx corrupting Moon.png

    Dear Skymaxx team i am having an occurence occasionally where it seems skymaxx is corrupting my moon.png texture. I try replacing the file with a known working version, yet when xplane is started, this file is then corrupted during the boot process and xplane crashes. I have isolated this to skymaxx, as re-installing the add-on fixes the problem for a while. Are you able to assist? My solution at the moment will be to remove skymaxx from my system, but i'm not keen to do this. regards Chris Log.txt
  3. TheHorsley

    St. Louis (KSTL) to Chicago (KORD)

    Great set up!
  4. TheHorsley

    Saab Tiller

    Hydraulic pump in auto?
  5. TheHorsley

    Bank Angle Saab 340

    I try this. but my quadrant sends the occasional spike through to the sim which is enough. everytime. I can vouch that the real plane doesnt mind being slammed into full reverse from flight idle once the WOW switches release the gates
  6. TheHorsley

    Bank Angle Saab 340

    I also find 1.5 to be a more usable version. Since the update I haven't been able to enjoy the Saab as much as the previous version. My main problems i have are: Halfbank is always engaged - drives me nuts. Engines turn off upon landing - drives me nuts reflections on the engine instruments render them impossible to read. Granted i havent used the product in a while because of these issues, i'm curious to see if the halfbank is actually cured. there are other small niggles in the systems I would love to help improve if you would like my input. I have a bit of SF34 experience regards Chris