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  1. Mario Studer

    Authentication Failed

    On 08 February 2019 I bought IXEG 737 Classic. Everything worked more or less until April 2019 The Nav screen did not show the departed route in sync with the FMC, so I had to switch to debug mode, which was quite annoying. I tried to reboot and probably I did something with the freeze but I'm not sure. Anyway, I went for a vacation afterwards. After my return, this problem has arisen for me (attached screenshots). On May 23, I left a message on this forum to Cameron, but I never received an answer. Then I left a message on the home page. On October 31, I received a ticket via e-mail. The same day I wrote back that I did not know how that works with the ticket. No Answer. On the 14th of November I sent another message and got another ticket but no answer. Now I try it one last time on this forum and at the same time with a copy to the support. The whole thing I find a little tedious. GizmoLog.txt
  2. Good morning

    After i updated X-Plane i get this message 

    when i write in my password it happens nothing

    best regards

    Mario Studer



  3. Mario Studer

    crashes and closes the program Xplane 11

    The same happens to me many times with X-Plaine 11.32r1 and the 737 X-Plane_2019-02-12-034901_Marios-iMac-2.crash