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  1. frankbyte


    I agree on that point: from an aesthetic point of view, the IXEG-cockpit looks fantastic and the immersion with the "vibrating" cockpit during turbulences is also for me one of the best we have in X-Plane.
  2. frankbyte


    Thanks Litjan for these informations. Thats great! I am looking forward to the next update, making the B733 better and better
  3. frankbyte


    Well, here i have to disagree. And probably the majority of other users. The IXEG is excellent but the FF320 as well! Saying there isn't even any comparaison is quite strange and not very realistic.
  4. frankbyte

    First official XP11 screenshot

    Oh my fucking God, look at those reflections! Great job guys! I
  5. frankbyte

    New airbuses?

    I own both: the Jar 320 and the Aerosoft A320-series. And i prefer the one from Jar...
  6. frankbyte

    Runway lights through clouds only at night?

    Thanks for your answer. You're right it looks like that: i tried to deactivate the SMP-plugin and the issue was still there with the default clouds.
  7. Hi I really like your new version of SkyMAxx 4. I am using it with X-Plane 11 pb 9. But i noticed a problem that is quite annoying: during "bad weather" like overcast at 300ft or any cloudy weather, the visibility seems to be reduced according to the weather conditions during the daytime. But during the night, the visibility looks like CAVOK conditions. That means i can perfectly see alle the airport and its Runways/taxiways and all city-lights during the whole approach like if there was no cloud at all. As soon as i change the time to daytime again, the Runway-lights disappear again (as it should be). Is that perhaps a bug in the pre-beta version of X-Plane 11? Or do you have any explanations for that? If necessary i can show you some screenshots. Thanks very much for your help and best regards, Franz
  8. frankbyte

    New airbuses?

    I have flown the Aerosoft Airbus in P3D and prefer the one from Jardesign. Looks better and flies better, like more naturally. But i agree that the MCDU should have some more deepness.
  9. frankbyte

    IXEG 737 compatibility

  10. frankbyte

    FPS Issues as flight progresses

    It's indeed very strange...i dont understand it as well. I'm having long stutters even with 1GB of VRAM and 8GB of RAM left.
  11. frankbyte

    FPS Issues as flight progresses

    I have to admit that i have some issues with the stutters as well...i'm having a 6GB VRAM card and very often during climb or descend (beetween FL 100-FL250) i'm having some serious FPS-drops, from FPS 40 to 10-15...for 10-20 seconds. And it happens every 1-2 minutes (!), that means the flying experience is seriously affected. It's pretty disturbing...but otherwise it's an absolutely great product!
  12. frankbyte

    IXEG 737 Classic v1.0.6 Has Been Released!

    Thanks very much guys! I really appreciate your fantastic work (once again ) !
  13. frankbyte

    SkyMaxx Pro v3.2 Has Been Released!

    Yes you're right but sadly I forgot the LOG and restarted the sim. The third flight is far better until now (around 1 hour without any crash). If it happens again i will send you the LOG-File
  14. frankbyte

    SkyMaxx Pro v3.2 Has Been Released!

    Thanks very much: It really looks outstanding. Sadly i already had two CTD's within 1 hour and i guess it comes from that plugin, since i had around one crash per 150 hours of flight in average with the previous version.
  15. frankbyte

    [1.0.5] derated takeoff - thrust mode display

    OK, i understand a little bit better after having read your post edited 7 hours ago Tom. So with the derated take off we have a max predefined power and can't go over it even if we lost one engine and had to goe over 100% with the second one? That just wont work? But why is the sense of doing that? Still confusing....