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  1. Hi, anyone knows if the 737-300 came without an alternate nosewheel steering switch? I see the fcoms and they show it but i dont see it in the ixeg737 model.
  2. mizra108

    Ground service Bus?

    Hi all! I was watching one of the videos in the ixeg youtube chanel where it showcased the power up of the ground service bus but I am not able to find it. Does the plane still have that option?
  3. mizra108

    Couple of small bugs that need ironing

    Thanks for the feedback. I think I was not clear in my explanation so let me try and explain it better this time: if say, R-TO N1 limit for T/O is 86.4% as calc from the FMC for example, and I want to manually place the bugs at that value, when I dial in 86.4%, it does not coincide with 86.4% in the N1 gauge scale, but rather, it lines up with 98.1% in the scale. Another way of seeing this situation is that if I were to set T/O N1 at 86.4% and, say I want to line up the N1 bug dial manually with that thrust setting, the bug value in its window shows 74.7% I would attach an image but for some reason it is giving me an error when uploading.
  4. Ive been using IXEG 737 and over the last couple of updates to XP11, Ive noticed minor bugs happening that would really like to be taken care whenever the next update to the plane comes out. 1. Oil temperature continuously rises as you climb (FMC N1 thrust set) when reaching the the lo FL300s, they pretty much redline and stay there even throughout the cruise portion. They dont cool off until you are in the descent. 2. N1 thrust rating bug values and positions in the N1 dial dont match the actual N1 value of dial. 3. IDG oil temp gauges in the ovhd panel are almost always stuck at 0deg in both the In and Rise positions. Sometimes, only the L one comes alive and R remains stuck. 4. Fuel temperature seems not to be working or fuel not being heated up as fuel temperature starts at say 16C at the beginning of the flight and then decreases steadily throughout cruise and gets to the negative temps. Anyone else experiencing these small bigs or do I have something wrong?