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  1. Muddie2202

    TBM 900 v1.1.10 Missing G1000 Information

    Sorry Goran being a pre-emptive
  2. Muddie2202

    TBM 900 v1.1.10 Missing G1000 Information

    I received an update today V1.1.11 for the TBM900 I installed the new update but i note that the pathways is still missing. I have deleted all files in the state directory and there is no change
  3. Muddie2202

    Tbm 900 v1.1.10 problems

    Goran are you referring to the missing information on the MFD and PFD by chance ?
  4. Since updating to the latest version of the TBM 900 V1.1.10 I have notice that the "PATHWAY" is now missing even though it has been selected. Is anyone having similar issues
  5. Muddie2202

    TBM900 v1.0.9 problems after v1.1.10 distribution

    Where was the other topic in relation to the missing information on the synthetic vision many thanks
  6. Muddie2202

    No sound/voice anymore on TOD

    Many thanks Goran as usual great work by the team
  7. Muddie2202

    No sound/voice anymore on TOD

    Same here
  8. Mine also has done the same thing. i repaired it only to have fail yet again on the next flight
  9. Muddie2202

    Missing Pitot & Static Covers in ver 1.1.8

    Not a problem i didnt know if it was just me all good thank you very much.
  10. I have noted that since upgrading to the latest ver of the TBM900 1.1.8 that when I look at the aircraft at start it is missing the covers for the static and pitot cover. When I check the payload tab the pitot and static covers are indicated but when you look from the outside view they appear to be missing All other covers appear as expected
  11. Muddie2202

    Cannot exit from TBM 900 ver 1.1.7

    Good morning, SUCCESS at last normality has been restored. Steam has question marks going forward as to whether i will continue with it. Ok Steam wanted to reload X-Plane again from start which was annoying to say the least. So i had no choice, X-Plane finished loading this morning successfully so after a long night X-plane was up and running. X-Plane started and operated as expected. I then downloaded the TBM900 and found X-plane working again as it should be and when closing the program it do as should do. I then reloaded all of my plugins and the program is working fine. I believe i found the culprit that caused the problem, and that is JAVA by Oracle, I have since removed this as I dont believe that I require this and currently everything is running fine. I am not sure what the impact of Java had on the TBM900 Thank you very much for you help it is greatfully appreciated
  12. Muddie2202

    Cannot exit from TBM 900 ver 1.1.7

    Well that didnt go as to plan. steam is having a hissy fit and want to reload the entire game again so i will have to kick it off and start all over again tomorrow. mean while i will reload every thing again thanks for your assistance tonight i will let you know how i get on
  13. Muddie2202

    Cannot exit from TBM 900 ver 1.1.7

    I just had a thought about the time that this problem started to occur I installed java onto my machine. Not sure if that you should have anything to do with the issue. But i have remove the Java from the machine and i am currently copying a copy of the x-plane that i have on another disk back to see if that has rectified the problem
  14. Muddie2202

    Cannot exit from TBM 900 ver 1.1.7

    Would it hurt to copy the x-plane folder to another drive and try and run out of the program folder?
  15. Muddie2202

    Cannot exit from TBM 900 ver 1.1.7

    when I click on the link I am given a number of options, if i run X-plane now it runs the steams version straight away. if i try and install a second copy of x-plane it wants my original disc 1. with steam i dont have any this