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    Little preview

    Great Idea - looking forward to this one
  2. pgreenwo

    Where is the oxygen switch on TBM900?

    Enter landing elevation to avoid damage
  3. pgreenwo

    Is it possible to replace the cabin pressure vessel?

    I keep getting this issue too. Once worn it wont repair. I don't use accelerated wear and can't figure out whats caused it on 2 air frames now.
  4. pgreenwo

    Hobbs Meter

    Just to the right of the copilot seat about knee height
  5. pgreenwo

    New project

    I just have a hunch its a Kodiak! What ever it is I'm sure it will be fantastic. The TBM is by far the best sim I have found in 15years of FS.
  6. pgreenwo

    Pilot view question

    If you press the num pad keys for different views holding the right Ctrl key then a num pad number saves your default views as you like them.
  7. pgreenwo

    TBM 900 v1.1.3 Update Released!

    Completed a few flights today with the latest version and xp11.30rc1 The TBM is spot on for me. Everything is in order and improving with every update. thanks for your hard work. The TBM really is right up there in terms of flight sim add-ons. Brilliant job Hot start!
  8. pgreenwo

    Display of ipad on joystick not showing

    Click on the USB ports to the right of the yoke near the AC controls
  9. pgreenwo

    TBM 900 v1.1.2 Update Released!

    The throttle lever is actually better when you get used to it. the click spots are difficult when the cockpit gets busy. I find I have to hover the curser over where the switch will be once pressed I.e not the point the switch end is in its current state (hard to explain that!) the biggest issue I have is the new heat blue particles. They are way over the top to me. I may try and paste the old ones and see if it works. other than that this amazing bird is getting better and better. Thanks guys for the continued work