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    Props can't reach max RPM at low A/S, ITT spikes while taxiing

    I'll add that I just read N1K's thread and watched his video. I am seeing different issues than shown there.
  2. Saab 340 V1.51 in XP11.26. I've noticed that the props can't obtain the full ~1400 RPM below 80 knots. They just won't come on the governors without a ton of airspeed. At 100% TQ, the best I see is 1225 RPM. Likewise, on final, the props will fall off the governors well before I reduce power for the flare. A separate issue: when transitioning between GND IDLE/beta and FLT IDLE during taxi, I see some huge swings in ITT (often shooting up suddenly to 1000 deg) and the prop RPM swings up to like 1300. My throttle quad is an old Saitek and it's getting kinda spikey, so I disabled those axes and used the mouse to manipulate the P/Ls but had the same result.
  3. youretootall

    TBM beta/reverse sound looping issue

    It's not. The rest of the sound system is mostly spot on, though.
  4. youretootall

    Fuel flow increases with starter engaged

    Welp, you got me there! I haven’t encountered a turbine airplane that had the same behavior but I’ll eat my words on this one.
  5. youretootall

    Fuel flow increases with starter engaged

    Is this a limitation of X-plane? What I'm seeing is that the fuel flow (FF) increases as soon as you engage the starter. When I hit the starter FF goes up to like 50gph, but as soon as I introduce fuel it jumps back down. Really, FF should show no indication until you move the lever out of cutoff. Once you do so, you should see fuel flow register immediately, even before you see the ITT rise. Many pilots are taught to check that indication as part of the start flow. Source: me, former corporate pilot IRL.
  6. youretootall

    TBM beta/reverse sound looping issue

    It seems to me like the sound sample for the beta/reverse sounds might need to be trimmed a little bit because it sounds a bit..."pulsating". Allow me to translate. I sounds like, ahem: "wwooOOOoowwwwooOOOoowwwwooOOOooww". Otherwise the sound system is *awesome*.
  7. youretootall

    Normal climb speed

    170 KIAS would be the "cruise climb" speed. It's an arbitrary speed chosen by Socata...choose any speed where the aircraft still climbs. If you want to climb at best rate, remember that Vy decreases with altitude, about 10 knots per 10,000 for most turboprops.