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  1. DeltaV

    Please let us get rid of the pilot?

    I agree. Remove him. Its worthless to have him there once the door is open.
  2. DeltaV

    1.0.9 Broke my plane

  3. DeltaV

    1.0.9 Broke my plane

    I don't have a TBM900/state/ folder. So how do I fix this?
  4. DeltaV

    What's next after the TBM 900?

    Mustang Citation. It has the same G1000 layout as the TBM900. Phenom 300 would be my second or a G3000 jet.
  5. How do I get the throttle lockout to work in XPlane11? I keymapped a button on my X56 to "toggle reverse", and then tried "toggle beta" per the tutorial and without pressing either button my throttle slides from Flight Power to Taxi and to Reverse Thrust and vise verse. I slid the throttle from Flight to Reverse thrust on final approach with bad results. Help please.