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  1. J@nek

    stumped with steering

    Push (on top) the steering wheel, that activate the nose wheel steering. It's located at the left side panel captain side. Regards J@nek
  2. J@nek

    key bindings fms and range

    Simply search for the G1000 controls via the XPlane menu. Sorry my XPlane is in GER ;-) Regards J@nek Range: For the left, right, up, down:
  3. J@nek

    TBM 900 N900FZ

    Thank you, awesome paint.
  4. J@nek

    Throttle Click Spot Issue

    You're welcome Regards J@nek
  5. J@nek

    Ipad on yoke

    Just klick on the USB ports next to the yoke. Regards J@nek
  6. J@nek

    Nose Wheel Steering

    This plane has no "nose wheel steering" like an airliner. Most of GA aircrafts are controlled via the padels, brake and steering. So it's like the real one. It's a feature ;-) Regards J@nek
  7. J@nek

    ILS Landing Issue

    Hi, did you switch the nav source to VOR/LOC (green arrow). Boeing 737 it is not necessary to switch the nav source. No, the correct course on Nav1 receiver is enough. What was your intercept heading? AP indication on Pfd, LOC and GS in green or armed (white)? Regards J@nek
  8. J@nek

    Very unstable aircraft?

    Never had that issue. AP TRIM on? Yaw damper on? Dit you load standard Cessna before loading the TBM? Maintanace hangar, maybe a system problem. Engine always stays in the green? In flight, check for icing condition maybe switch anti ice on. Regards J@nek
  9. J@nek

    How to update the TBM airac ???

    Via the XPlane airac. The source of the nav data is XPlane. Regards J@nek
  10. J@nek

    Throttle Click Spot Issue

    Yes I notice the same since 1.08. Try the lower right area from the throttle lever it should work. Before 1.08 it was much better to catch the right point on the lever. Regards J@nek
  11. J@nek

    Navigraph and avi tab

    Hi, any future plans to integrate Navigraph charts into the MFD or an solution in combination with avi tab? Thx Gesendet von meinem SM-G930F mit Tapatalk