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    fuel planner

    The TBMPerformance app is available on IOS too, and even directly on your internet browser https://pohperformance.com/TBM/ It is very complete for the operational part of flying, but it is very "simple" as it come to Fuel Planning.
  2. jeff64

    LeftToeBrake to Right LUA Script

    Hi there Did some tests. It seems both wheels brakes, cause there is no deviation when braking from high speeds. But, when looking the Brakes temps graphs, only the left one is getting hot...sad
  3. jeff64

    Steering the Plane after landing

    if you have the problem only after landing (not before takeoff), check Yaw Damper is disconnected.
  4. jeff64

    Please let us get rid of the pilot?

    An option to be able to remove the pilot from the aircraft in the payload (and correlatively visually), as the copilot, for visual experience on the ground, would be GREAT !
  5. jeff64

    LeftToeBrake to Right LUA Script

    2Fat2Fly thank you very much. Effectively, I noticed the pedal did not move, but did not try to taxi, having other issues. Will try tonight. Thanks;)
  6. jeff64

    LeftToeBrake to Right LUA Script

    Hello I don't have rudder pedals, so for braking, I use a single axis on my joystick. The joystick axis commands the left toe brake, and I use a LUA script which link the Right Toe Brake to the Left One The script does not work anymore on the TBM (I updated from 1.0.5 to 1.1.0) but works fine on other aircraft.
  7. jeff64

    Runway on SVT

    little up on my problem, cause I may have found it is not the case for all users. The first picture is how it looks on my computer, ON THE GROUND. The aircraft looks like to be "in the air". Below is how it looks from the youtube video released by "jason" You can clearly see the runway edges are about midheight of the screen, and the aircraft looks like "on the ground" any idea ?
  8. jeff64

    Runway on SVT

    Hello I find the runway depiction on the SVT very unrealistic. I got this feeling by looking at the videos pre-release, but this is confirmed by flying the simulator. What I mean is : - the runway is depicted very very small, almost indistinguishable at more than 1 or 2nm from the runway (IRL, you can easily spot the runway on the PFD to align your FPV as far as 5 or 6 nm , even more). - when sitting on the runway, the runway is depicted very narrowly, giving the impression you are still in flight. During flare, if you look at the runway, you have the impression you are still very very high. Look at this part of this video for a short comparison : on the real aircraft, the runway edges join the border of the screens at the middle height point of the screen. You really have this sensation the aicraft IS on the ground just by looking at the SVT.
  9. jeff64

    Cannot close rear door

    had some problems with "old" airframe since updating to 1.0.5. maybe it is one of them
  10. jeff64

    Need help to update the PFPX TBM 850

    The thing is that the TBM is still a General Aviation aircraft (a large one, but still one). By opposition to airlines and professionnal business jet world, pilots mostly plan and fly using fuel volume and not fuel weight. If you look inside the official TBM PIM, fuel consumption is given for Liters / h, Kgs / h, and USG /h. Not Lbs/h. By the way, fuel gauges inside the aircraft are USG. Having said that, I find more realistic to plan and fly using General Aviation tool, than professionnal tool that don't give you the possibility (PFPX ou Simbrief) to plan using USG/h. For Europe, I use Autorouter, and for US, I use fltplan.com. Both are free, and offer stock TBM9 profile.
  11. jeff64

    Suggestion for a future update

    I think if you just remove the "state" file in "output/TBM900", you get a fresh cold and dark
  12. jeff64

    Remove Pilot from Aircraft

  13. jeff64

    [SOLVED] Rudder trim

    For control assignment try rudder trim right / left as in any aircraft
  14. jeff64

    [SOLVED] G1000 Dimming

    remember it is just the stock laminar G1000 (Hotstart/LES modified but still) we are using here. There is a TON of functions missing (can't change LCL to UTC time ; can't set Vspeeds ; don''t have the FMA reminder when arriving on VNAV TOD ; can't choose procedures for an airport which is not in the FPL ; etc.)
  15. jeff64

    [SOLVED] Night lighting

    my bad. HDR was enabled, but I looked in the TBM PIM more precisely. It looks like the CABIN switch is just a master switch, and you need to turn each flood light ON. I was just surprise it is just an ON/OFF switch, and no rheostat.