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  1. michael80082

    Saab 340 strange lighting

    Haha. Do another one!
  2. michael80082

    Saab 340 strange lighting

    It looks like either you have taxi guidance on or it’s the taxi lights
  3. michael80082

    Aircraft floating

    What’s your final approach speed?
  4. michael80082

    Problem with GPS at SAAB 340

    Have you installed any new add-ons since you last used it?
  5. michael80082

    Better Pushback, Gust Lock

    Oh, and I use the x-plane pushback so do not sure about the plugin sorry
  6. michael80082

    Better Pushback, Gust Lock

    At my company it’s a 2 person procedure. The captain on the left holds the release lock and the first officer holds and releases the handle while guarding the control yoke. Ive set it up to have the ‘g’ key release the lock and I use the mouse to release the handle. This procedure is usually done at line up checks. Hope this helps
  7. michael80082

    Saab 340a and Saitek Panels

    You’ll have to re-map them to the les Saab specific actions. Go to settings-joystick and search ‘les’ for specific commands
  8. michael80082

    Hard to switch from Heading mode to NAV-mode

    Hi peter In the Saab, the green AP mode means it’s active and the white mode means it’s armed. In this case you have HDG mode active and it’s waiting to intercept the localiser to arm APP mode. The saab isn’t good at this so it needs to be within full scale course bar deflection to arm APP mode. This can be done either off HDG mode or LRN1/2 modes. LRN1 (or LRN2 modes are long range navigation and either FMS or GPS depending on mods and installations) In this case the HDG mode will stay active in the MCP until the AP can Switch to APP mode. Try setting up a 30 degree intercept of the localiser and arming APP mode. It should switch over when within about full scale deflection. Remember it’s 1980’s technology (especially the A model this is modelled off) and isn’t as advanced as a lot of the newer jets and turboprops.
  9. michael80082

    Unable to remove the stairs

    Hi Peter Looks like you've folded back the flight attendant chair? Try to click on it again and you should be able to retract the steps.
  10. michael80082

    Saab 340 stability landing?

    Hi Stuart, I’m currently using this aircraft to get through my type rating and it is fairly realistic to the actual aircraft. The actual aircraft has a lot of Dutch roll characteristics at low speed and we use yaw damper until about 1000’ Aileron control at low speed is quite unresponsive so I can give you our procedures for approaching and maybe it will help. The engine will cut out with hard landing. Try to approach at 135 kts and land at vref (reference speed over the threshold) at no less than 124kts with 20 degrees of flap. Flap 35 will help to stabilise more if that’s still an issue, but at these speeds it should be manageable. As the aircraft is so much more realistic than a lot of others, if you need to, try changing the joystick settings on whichever axis is causing problems. Hope this helps
  11. michael80082

    LES SAAB 340 LP Bleed and Recirc Not Selectable

    You're right Goran. X-Mission seems to be the one doing it, however, I was sure it did it intermittently before so will continue to test and let you know anything that comes up.
  12. michael80082

    LES SAAB 340 LP Bleed and Recirc Not Selectable

    Log.txtLog is attached, this time I had no problem with the switches until i added power to the aircraft through the ground cart, then they stopped working again. Anything else needed just let me know
  13. michael80082

    LES SAAB 340 LP Bleed and Recirc Not Selectable

    Hi Goran, I've attached a video. It started about the time of the 1.30 X-Plane Beta release. I downgraded to the non-beta version at the time but still had the problem. Also on startup, I get a lot of hot starts now.. I don't believe I've changed anything that would affect it (certainly haven't changed anything within the Saab files themselves). The screen recording shows the recirc left fans being switched on but the right side doesn't work. Same with the LP bleeds. Once it's been started for a while (or sometimes it needs takeoff/cruise power), the ability to use the right side comes back. Screen Record 2019-02-05 at 14.58.01.mov
  14. Hi all, just wondering if anyone has experienced a problem with the right-hand side LP bleed and recirc not being selectable after engine start. I'm using it for type endorsement practice, and after engine start I can't select these switches. Usually they become accessible after the power has been applied (like after take off)or in the climb/cruise. Running 1.5.1 and latest x-plane and mac updates as of this date. Also, I'm not using the auto-start feature and starting engines manually but it seems to happen regardless of start procedure.