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  1. Leen de Jager


    Sorry, its a misunderstanding I was reacting on the quoted part about expecting or not expecting explanations from other moderators and I assumed Tony expected them ( the explanations from other moderators) here. It has noting to do with the issue what this thread is about, it was more about expecting moderators explaining their actions on their fora, on other fora, the moment this came across in this discussion.
  2. Leen de Jager


    I agree its not likely to happen. Do you really like to see moderators from other forums , tellng here of misbehaving visitors on their forum? And explaining why they took action agains certain persons? Speaking for myself, it will not happen from my side.
  3. Leen de Jager

    Question on number of Cores v GHz of a computer

    The Graphic card is the bottleneck , both processors will do nicely. Invest your money in the graphics. FSX depends on the CPU X-Plane depends for a huge part on the graphic card.
  4. Leen de Jager

    Moving x-plane to new HDD

    ?? You write you bought a 10Tb HDD for your otho. Now you say its a SSD. A 10Tb SSD ????? Cannot believe that probably 4 Tb is the max for about 1500 dollars. X-Plane on a SSD and ortho on a huge HDD thas ideal.
  5. Leen de Jager

    Moving x-plane to new HDD

    It might be an idea to put the ortho files on the new HDD and leave XP11 where it is now. No trouble with DRM at all.
  6. Leen de Jager

    New Setup

    Be more modest and do not blame anyone on a forum. Let alone crying out loud "shame on them" If this is representative for your attitude it might be an idea to join another forum or adjust your behave drasticly.
  7. Leen de Jager

    X-Plane 10.50b6 Running Beautifully

    I fully agree, the latest beta performs excellent.
  8. Leen de Jager

    Are these settings ok ?

    Setting cloud detail at the lowest value. And the same time using Skymax. Not much logic in that for me. Skymax changes the textures for the clouds in X-Plane , its does NOT actually produces the clouds in XPlane. So when you choose for low-cloud detail, you get low detailed Skymax clouds, wich are slightly better than the default clouds. Cannot imagine what `s the fun of that.
  9. Leen de Jager

    IXEG Livery

    Sorry. my reaction was a mistake. Modertor please remove this?
  10. Leen de Jager

    PMDG Announces First X-Plane Project

    Will we ever see it ?? I am afraid we won`t. They strated the project because they ware afraid of losing market and not being able to enter the P3D-scene as a commercial partner. These days they are making profit with products for P3D. I think the DC6 does not have any priority anymore.
  11. Leen de Jager

    Pilots' fatigue investigation

    Do you really want me to take this post seriously ? I bet not. This is a forum wich is about a flight-sim ( a flightsim to be taken seriously, though its also on the shelfs in game-shops and it has users below ten years old ) But, as you asked for it. My kids sometimes exploit their father to make unreasonable and fatigue-inducing flights. In the end I send them to bed and have some flight-fun for myself. I hope this helps with your investigation.
  12. Leen de Jager

    Let L-410 (HA-LAR)

    Is this plane with the VC already available?
  13. Leen de Jager

    New Alaska Livery

    No no, do not misunderstand my words. ( In duglish ) I did not say YOU cropped. I said the texture IS cropped, by the modeller who made the plane. You did an excellent paintjob. What I ment to say is that, such excellent paintwork should better be spent on models of wich the textures are no so badly mapped. I really do not acccuse you of cropping. The makers of the model are to blaim , IF we want to blaim someone, wich is not my intention. I started my comment with "very well done" Thats a compliment wich I certainly would not have given when I knew you were to blaim for the cropping. Best regards Leen de Jager Apart from that I said cropped I probably shoulds better have said horizontally compressed texture wich gets stretched on the model. I wrote as a matter of fact earlier on this topic Cropped means in this case horizontally compressed
  14. Leen de Jager

    New Alaska Livery

    Cropping tuexture to take advantage of high resolution is a wrong way of thinking. High resolution is great, but only with undistorted textures.. Going into distortion just to use high resolution is totally going the wrong way. Better have high quality at low resolution then bad qualty on high resolution. I rest my case here. Leen
  15. Leen de Jager

    New Alaska Livery

    Cropped means in this case horizontally cormpressed. You can recognise that when you look at the abnormal narrow windows and doors. The texture has to stretched to cover the model in the sim. In other words , if you want to have a circle on the model, you need to draw a n oval on the texture.