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  1. Stephan737

    [Merged]Steering and differential braking

    Hello! I've tried the recommendation and it works for me. Thank you! I deleted my FlyWithLua folder after I edited the 733.acf file to make sure that it's really the aircraft/sim combination working fine and not the workaround with Lua. Nevertheless it would be good to know if others could solve this problem who never had the FlyWithLua plugin installed. Best regards and happy simming! Stephan
  2. Stephan737

    [Merged]Steering and differential braking

    Hi Jan! I assigned unused buttons of my joystick to the left and right brakes. That doesn't solve the problem. Then I installed the FlyWithLua Plugin and the Differential Brake Plugin I linked above. Assigning the new "FlyWithLua left and right brakes" to unused buttons at my joystick solves the problem. Now I have these messages to the lower left side with B for Parking Brake, b for normal braking and two columns that increase slowly if I use differential braking (assigned but not needed). Still thinking about a real control set consisting of pedals, yoke, etc. Thank you for reporting it to xPlane. Stephan
  3. Stephan737

    [Merged]Steering and differential braking

    Hi Jan! Thank you for your "T/S order". It took me a while to figure out how to display the values but here you go. As soon as I twist on my Logitech Extreme 3D Pro Joystick the brakes do also apply. The more I twist the more I brake. Any idea how to disable this? I know that in FSX there was an option to do differential braking on some aircrafts like this. But mixing tiller an brake inputs on the twist axis of a single joystick doesn't make sense for me. Best regards, Stephan Edit: I just googled xplane and differential braking. This is what I found: https://forums.x-plane.org/index.php?/files/file/37662-differential-and-progressive-brakes-for-x-plane-11/ B733_1.mov B733_2.mov B733_3.mov
  4. Stephan737


    It seems as if the "stabilizer cutout" has not been simulated at this stage. I don't mean the cutout for autopilot trim but the function that protects opposite pitch inputs from control column and trim. Normally it shouldn't be possible to trim in the opposite direction of control column input. In my video it's possible. It this tiny switch on the connecting rod between the two columns would be simulated also the OVRD switch (to the very lower side in my video) could become simulated. This switch is used in case the switch on the connecting rod gets stuck. If it gets stuck pilots need to override it to regain trim control in the blocked direction. Jan and his team will know it for sure and cain explain it in better English. B733_10.mov
  5. Stephan737

    [Merged]Steering and differential braking

    Dear IXEG Team! I can not make tight turns during taxiing. If I steer above a certain amount of degrees the inner main wheel blocks. I've made a video showing this behavior from the front and from next to the inboard main wheel. Do I need to adjust a specific setting? I used some kind of "text editor" in the active sim to define my joystick dead zones. But even before I changed these settings I had the problem. I am using the latest version of the IXEG 737 and I run xPlane 11 on my iMac. Therefore xPlane itself is not at the latest revision as the newest version seems to be for Windows users only. I tried to update it to get the latest German translations for the menus etc but in another forum I read that this update is not for Apple users. B733_7.mov
  6. Stephan737

    Click sound of autopilot relais

    Thanks Morten and Jan! I recall this from the Lufthansa 737s I worked on. But you are right. A clicking MCP with buttons instead of pedals makes no sense. Thanks for explaining! Stephan
  7. Hi there IXEG team! Maybe you can add the clicking autopilot relais. You can hear them on this video (02:23 at passing 400' AGL for example). They always click as soon as the yoke (and column?) is moved from the center position. I can't remember their purpose in detail. Might be that they prohibit engagement of the AP when activated or that they revert from CMD to CWS when activated. Not sure how they interact with the load threshold you have to overcome to go to CWS or to kick out the AP. Best regards Stephan