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  1. Chris737

    Sexist plane?

    This would be great to add Female Pilots and another cool Thing where to hide the AOA Hud Thank you best regards
  2. Chris737

    Missing Gear Cover

    thanks i think it is the Animation ... best regards
  3. Chris737

    Another CTD

    It is on different places ! I fly seperate on Default Locations now i started on EDMA Default crash again CTD on take off roll. best regards Log.txt
  4. Chris737

    Another CTD

    And another Log.txt scenery_packs.ini
  5. Chris737

    Missing Gear Cover

    I think this is a Bug
  6. Chris737

    Missing Gear Cover

    Something is missing best regards
  7. Chris737

    Another CTD

    After complete Fresh Installation of my Machine (Windows and X-plane 11) i have new CTD i use AktivSkyNext All is uptodate X-Plane 11 etc... Log.txt
  8. Chris737

    CTD, XP 11.30r1, TBM 1.1.3

    Another CTD best regards Log.txt
  9. Chris737

    1.1.2 Flight Model Changes?

    Jep i think soo , But is this now more realistic ? It feels now like an Carenado plane … sorry but thats my mind best regards
  10. Chris737

    Rain/Ice Effect broken by SMP

    I have the same with Aktiv Sky next and when i start Sktiv sky first bevor i in the Virtual Cockpit then the Engine didnt start…... and i have a nother CTD sometimes after 4h .. best regards Log.txt
  11. Chris737

    CTD SMP 4.7 w/TBM 900 XP 11.30b7

    I have an CTD too…. . best regards Log.txt
  12. Chris737

    Becon lights??

    Ok this Video answer my question
  13. Chris737

    Becon lights??

    Have she Becon Lights or not ?? best regards
  14. Chris737

    Just when I thought problem was fixed... another CTD!

    Thanks best regards
  15. Chris737

    CDT 1.09

    I have this on V1.1 after ca. 1:40h ... best regards