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  1. Some issues on the Model (ext. and VC)

    Ok yep thats a Problem in Germany perfectionism when you a Painter and a Gliderpilot . I can realy live with it ,and waiting for the updates from Laminar Research from this Bug. Thank you @Litjan ps. you are an ex LH Bobby Pilot ? best regards from EDDM
  2. Some issues on the Model (ext. and VC)

    Nope the same Problem again !
  3. Some issues on the Model (ext. and VC)

    Oh i have an Idea that can be a Freeware texture from to make the contrail bether ! I test the Default one and see what happened ..
  4. Some issues on the Model (ext. and VC)

    But i dont have xEnviro See my log.txt best regards
  5. Some issues on the Model (ext. and VC)

    I am not alone with this bug ! Yep an i have te current Driver installed (391.01) i use GTX 1070 @Cameron I know what you mean ceep cool , i love this Plane Log.txt
  6. Dear IXEG First i respect your hard work and love it realy more then my Wife First thing is the missing Pitot on the tail Second the APU inlet is on the wrong Position must be a bit deeper ... something is worng with the winglets are too Long nut sure or fat.. on the Classic is only 2,10m high I have an bug in the VC side window (only with Clouds ...) Best regards
  7. Conflict with IXEG 737

    Ok now everithing works now ...bevor i cant aktivate the Vertical Speed and VNAV the same when i restart the the Gizmo64 . When i have this issue again can i send you the txt. per PN again @Ben Russell ? Thank you Best regards Christian
  8. Conflict with IXEG 737

    So now i installed the Saab 340 ....... test again ! GizmoLog.txt Log.txt
  9. Conflict with IXEG 737

    Ok i found it current only the IXEG 737 installed GizmoLog.txt Log.txt
  10. Conflict with IXEG 737

    thanks where can i found the log.txt sorry i am new on X-plane .. best regards
  11. Conflict with IXEG 737

    A other Plugin ? XUIPC ?....
  12. Conflict with IXEG 737

    Ok is this why the installer use a older Gizmo64 ? When i deinstall both and only install the IXEG 737 everthing works fine ...
  13. Conflict with IXEG 737

    Hi i have a Problem with the Saab 340 after the Installation from the current Version my Autopilot in the IXEG 737 dosent work anymore ... VS / VNAV is this a Bug? I use X-plane11 curent Version . Thank you best regards
  14. Saab V1.5 Status

    Not for Version 1.5 for the future ....
  15. Saab V1.5 Status

    We will not be referencing a much new Saab 2000 model for looking to model something in a much older Saab 340A. The Technik are the same ! For example when you fly an Cessna 150 or an Cessna 172 ....... best regards