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  1. v16.11.03.1645 API

    No apology necessary Ben. Thanks for the continued development of Gizmo.
  2. v16.11.03.1645 API

    Has the API changed in the latest version? Gizmo is loading but init.lua doesn't appear to get called from my acf folder/scripts Cheers.
  3. The AC3D plugin is long over due for an update, and while all of the new features for manipulators etc are in the code base, Laminar do not currently have the man power to devote to building releases for all 3 operating systems. It is my understanding that the code on github should build a mac plugin, but requires porting to Windows. Is anyone with the necessary skills able to take a look and see if this very useful plugin could be brought back in to development? Repo is here for anyone wanting to fork it - Thanks!
  4. X Plane crash on exit with SMP 3.1.2

    Define stable. Doesn't sound like its stable at the moment...
  5. It sounds like a Z Buffer thing You can specify a polygon offset in objects, and i think ground polygons to tell the GPU where to draw the ground textures in relationship to each other. See the Obj8 spec here. Can't find one for .pol atm.
  6. Windows 10 x64 Pro Errors

    Check the smart data for your disks. Might be worth swapping the SATA cables too, they fail more frequently than the disks themselves. Make an image of your OS drive when you're done with the fresh install, saves a lot of time when you hit errors, or fancy a refresh to clear out all the accumulated windows junk. Try Acronis, or Macrium, both make images and bootable recovery media, i think.
  7. I'd like to create a dataref for the Magnetic Indicator showing when a pilot is breathing. I have some respiratory rate data, and as expected the breaths per minute increases with pilot stress. How can i code this? I'm thinking of something like a sin wave or triangular wave that changes frequency, but how can i specify the frequency? I have a sin wave pulsing from -1 to 1 with the elapsed time dataref, but i cant figure out how to alter the frequency reliably. How can i make a triangular wave go from 0 to 1 over exactly n seconds, and then repeat? Thanks for any tips!
  8. Sepecat Jaguar

    Cockpit work is continuing nicely,hoping to post an update to my blog in the coming weeks. I might look in to DCS, but no plans to do anything with FSX. Thanks!
  9. aspect ratio

    Oh, sorry, i didn't realise this was posted in the IXEG forum, still trying to get to grips with this funky layout! As above though, you can alter the lateral field of view within X-Plane to suit any monitor aspect ratio, so its more a case of matching your settings to your monitor, not the other way around. Hope that makes sense...
  10. aspect ratio

    Which aeroplane? You can adjust the lateral field of view to alter the 'roundness' of things in the sim.
  11. What is Gizmo?

    Its awesome, and it can do almost anything you can think of! Couldn't help myself! :-)
  12. Sepecat Jaguar

    Keep it in the bank and earn some interest on it for a while longer yet Sir, but we'll get there eventually!
  13. Sepecat Jaguar

  14. Gizmo 15.09 - Dev Release

    Similar issue here with init being reported as not found. Also, i'm getting an error regarding IO.Open: Gizmo64: debug: Secured IO: ACCESS DENIED: You may NOT open files outside the X-Plane folder.But i am only trying to create and open a file inside my aircraft folder. GizmoLog and script with the IO function attached. GizmoLog.txt
  15. Gizmo Open Extensions

    *runs off to find latest version*