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  1. Hi, I have version 1.21. Each time I load up the plane I get loud buzzer sound that stops when I either connect to ground power or start APU. Is there a way to get rid of this? Tom
  2. st1322

    [Confirmed]Stall Warning Test without audio

    Jan, I always start new flight and get this problem. I can live with it but it would be nice to have it fixed.
  3. st1322

    [Confirmed]Stall Warning Test without audio

    Hi, After update to 1.21 I have lost the following: 1. Stall warning test - only click is heard when test done 2. Preflight. I used to have saved option "turn around state". Now each time I start a flight I get clod and dark and buzzer. Then I have to manually choose turn around and hit apply. Tom
  4. Hi It is a bit unknown to me why IXEG chose to use this weir extension for flight plans format (only supported by simbrief), however I am trying to figure out how I can use PFPX and copy/paste the flight plan to notepad++ and add bloody fpl extension to it. Can someone help me, please? Tom
  5. st1322


    Hi, I am aware the vnav is not fully functional but I have no clue to which extent it’s working. Here is example: 1. Sometimes when I approach TD nothing happens. Vnav fully on, autopilot on, altitude set to lower. Descent path indicator stays solid in centerline, nothing happens. So I trigger manual descent and all of a sudden vnav “clicks in” and shows me that I’m above my vnav path, much above it. 2. When descent works ok, all of a sudden sometimes it looses the path. It shows that I am on correct descent path and in split second it messes up and either tells me I am much above or much below. It happened few times already. Tom
  6. Thanks Jan. So, one way of “fixing” what is not implemented could be manual limit of bank angle? If yes, to which setting? Tom
  7. Thanks. Regarding bank angle. I noticed that the turns in LNAV in cruise are very sharp, too sharp in my opinion.
  8. Hi, Two questions regarding use of bank angle limiter and cabin altitude. Before I have only flown 738 by PMDG and there was automation on both systems. Classic is a bit different 1. Bank Angle - how to use it properly? Take off - 30 degrees, but should this be limited in cruise flight? 2. Cabin Alt. I know that I have to set FL and landing altitude and change the system to flight from ground. But there is also possibility to set the desired cabin alt. How is this used/operated. Should it be at zero all the time? Tom
  9. Hi, I can see that IXEG uses NavDataPro as "base" NAV data supplier. Great, I am planning to update my database with it. I have small problem in deciding as to which folder should I point the installer to: Option 1: IEXG 737 Classic main folder Option 2: IEXG 737 Classic ---> fmc_data Using option 2 gives 2 more folders within fmc_data folder called NavData and SidStar. What should I do? Tom
  10. Thanks gentlemen. After almost 10 years in PMDG, I see how much different plane can be. I haven't seen that simulation before.
  11. Thanks Jan. I actually watched two tutorials on it. Explains it all TBH, I haven't used that mode ever in my simulations (PMDG before). Can you hint me how to use wxr so it shows returns? Tilt it down? How far? I have not seen tutorial on that yet.
  12. I have questions regarding weather/terrain radar operations. I click Terrain + turn on Weather Radar and I get some numbers on the PFD... Is this correct? Tom
  13. I just did another flight and I noticed another interesting thing. When I move throttles to idle with auto-throttle on and flight in auto mode, 3 red light light up for the gear. Then, plane tends to loose the auto-throttle automation. Speed goer to ARM from time to time and I have to "re-click" vnav button for the automation to kick in. Then, on approach all of the sudden throttles were lost again despite being in manual mode.
  14. Hi, This topic is a bit old, but I just had the same issue. Disengaged autopilot and throttles and I had same indications as user above. I am on the latest version. Tom Nevermind. I think I forgot to "grab" them back.
  15. Hi, I am trying to set up custom PFPX profile for this plane. Below are the weights that I came up with. Can someone confirm or correct me please? All weights are in LBS! DOW: 72753 MZFW: 105000 MTOW: 138499 MLW: 113999 FUEL: 35583 PAX:149 - this comes up from PFPX