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  1. Thanks gentlemen. After almost 10 years in PMDG, I see how much different plane can be. I haven't seen that simulation before.
  2. Thanks Jan. I actually watched two tutorials on it. Explains it all TBH, I haven't used that mode ever in my simulations (PMDG before). Can you hint me how to use wxr so it shows returns? Tilt it down? How far? I have not seen tutorial on that yet.
  3. I have questions regarding weather/terrain radar operations. I click Terrain + turn on Weather Radar and I get some numbers on the PFD... Is this correct? Tom
  4. I just did another flight and I noticed another interesting thing. When I move throttles to idle with auto-throttle on and flight in auto mode, 3 red light light up for the gear. Then, plane tends to loose the auto-throttle automation. Speed goer to ARM from time to time and I have to "re-click" vnav button for the automation to kick in. Then, on approach all of the sudden throttles were lost again despite being in manual mode.
  5. Hi, This topic is a bit old, but I just had the same issue. Disengaged autopilot and throttles and I had same indications as user above. I am on the latest version. Tom Nevermind. I think I forgot to "grab" them back.
  6. Hi, I am trying to set up custom PFPX profile for this plane. Below are the weights that I came up with. Can someone confirm or correct me please? All weights are in LBS! DOW: 72753 MZFW: 105000 MTOW: 138499 MLW: 113999 FUEL: 35583 PAX:149 - this comes up from PFPX
  7. Aircraft Specifics

    Hello Lude2Envy, I understand you are upset, but there is quite simple solution to your questions. I am also interested in creating PFPX profile (or SimBrief) profile for this plane. Various data are on the internet forums. I could not decide so... I loaded the plane, took the calculator and here is what I came up with: All weights are in LBS! DOW: 72753 MZFW: 105000 MTOW: 138499 MLW: 113999 FUEL: 35583 PAX:149 - this comes up from PFPX When I compare other Boeing profiles on PFPX, I think I am quite close. I do have problem with MLW. Perhaps someone can correct me? Or can someone confirm if my above calculations are more or less ok to go with? Tom
  8. 733 long haul

    I know this topic is “old” but how did you manage to export flight plan out of PFPX into IXEG? Or are you copy paste into notepad or hand typing it into fmc? I tried and nothing works for coroutes unless I manually edit it.