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  1. quijote

    [SOVLED] CTD in cruise

    If I have 32GB RAM, do I need to configure a paging file?
  2. quijote

    Start with engines running...

    When we are debugging something, it is a royal pain in the a to have to go through the whole start routine. It takes 5 minutes to load the plane and scenery and another 5 minutes to start the engine is a nuisance. If you want to play study level, you should have that option, but there are at times valid reason to speed up the process....... Starting with the engine running is NOT moral turpitude!
  3. I use both VR and a 4K monitor. I know that getting menus into VR is way down the road, but I have a problem with my monitor that I think can be saved with a little code. The menus and text on a 4K monitor are SOOOOOO small that I literally have to use a looking glass to read the screen. X-Plane now allows us to scale the user interface and even set a text size so the Laminar stuff is easy to read. The TBM menus and text are almost impossible. With the looking glass I can see them, but you can imagine how clumsy it is to take off headphones, push the VR goggles up on my forehead, pick up the looking glass in one hand and the mouse in the other - to work with the menus. The Gizmo interface is even worse! POSSIBLE SOLUTION: Could the code scale the menu boxes (and included text) based on the size of the user screen resolution? I don't know if there is a dataref for user screen resolution, but if there is then scaling should be a few lines of code...... Fingers crossed!
  4. quijote

    Nose Wheel Steering

    I checked with it both off and on. No joy! OK, I deleted all States and loaded the plane anew. The nosewheel doesn't respond to the joystick twist, but it DOES respond to the pedals, so I have steering. All my other planes respond to both the joystick and the pedals, but I am happy being able to steer. Complaint cancelled.
  5. quijote

    Nose Wheel Steering

    Hello, I have 11.30 with the TBM 900 1.08. The nose wheel steering doesn't work although it does on all my other planes. I use a joystick, but nothing that I do with it moves the nose wheel. The pedals don't steer either until I am at speed. It is fine once in the air. I made a clumsy circuit using the differential brakes but it was ugly. Am I the only one? All the other planes steer normally.
  6. quijote

    [Merged] Help for VR users - popup CDU

    Thanks folks, I'l be moving on. My new FF 767 has a popup CDU AND a remote CDU that will run in a browser on my computer or a browser on anything else like a phone or tablet. So I can follow a flight on the CDU at the dinner table.... Problem solved.....
  7. quijote

    [Merged] Help for VR users - popup CDU

    I can appreciate the reluctance to dedicate precious development time for a very small niche market. But the gear is not all that expensive and when X-Plane releases native VR it's going to explode. I paid 399€ for my Rift and it has transformed simming for me. I have done the initial tutorials on the 737 and don't find a problem in controlling the cockpit with the mouse and PlaneCommand. It is the CDU to kills me. I read that the FF 767 has a popup CDU and a remote connection to an iPad. I'm going to investigate further... Sorry I am raising such a fuss about this but I can't go back to the flat screen. Sure, I could buy a whole new computer and 3 big monitors and fly in 2D - but even that wouldn't be the same...... I still love your plane.
  8. quijote

    [Merged] Help for VR users - popup CDU

    Today I tried programming the FMC while I was in flat-screen X-Plane. Then I saved a situation and switched to VR. No luck. None of the flight plan passed over. So I leaned in and tried to reenter the data. Impossible! I really regret spending so much money on a plane that I won't use. Same for the Rotate MD80. I'll be looking for a plane with a popup......
  9. quijote

    [Merged] Help for VR users - popup CDU

    HerrSchwartz - You obviously aren¡t flying in VR. In VR, the mouse jumps around and it is almost impossible to enter data on the CDU that way. A popup would make life so much easier..... And in VR, preset views don't work. If you want to see the CDU you have to lean in to make it bigger. If the mouse pointer would hold still, I could live with that. As it is, I am going to try to load the plane on the flat screen and program the FMC. Then I will save a situation and return to VR and see if the flight plan is still there.....
  10. quijote

    [Merged] Help for VR users - popup CDU

    Yes, I was mostly thinking of pre-flight situations where there is a lot of data to input. I don't mind taking off the headset then and even in flight, if something complicated comes up, I don't mind pausing the sim and raising the headset to work on a larger instrument.. I just want to be able to use VR effectively in study level planes.....
  11. quijote

    [Merged] Help for VR users - popup CDU

    I admit that most of my planes are GA planes, but that said - they ALL have popup instruments - some just the GPS, but many have additional panels like the six pack for easier visibility. It is so very common that I assumed that it must be fairly easy to do. BTW, to fly in VR I lean heavily on PlaneCommand - an inexpensive program that lets me speak to the copilot and the copilot executes my requests. This eliminates a lot of knob turning. Most of the autopilot settings in the 737 respond perfectly. I would say that more than half of the things I might want to do can be handled by PlaneCommand. The CDU is the hardest part. I understand that there is an Apple ipad app that works as a remote CDU with the IXEG, but there is nothing like that for Windows or Android.....
  12. quijote

    [Merged] Help for VR users - popup CDU

    Consider me slapped down.....
  13. quijote

    Mouse wheel

    Just a comment. The mouse wheel has the zoom function for those of us who fly in VR. If we want to take a closer look at the instruments, we roll the mouse wheel and it zooms in on whatever we are looking at.
  14. quijote

    [Merged] Help for VR users - popup CDU

    Hello, I hope the developers see this. I am using this remarkable plane in VR and it is very difficult to enter data on the CDU. The mouse won't stay still when I am in VR and just as I press a button, the arrow moves up or down and I miss my key. I have the same problem with the GPS on default planes, but the default GPS is a popup and when I click it, it appears in a larger version on the 2D monitor. Yes, I have to lift the goggles to see it, but on the 2D screen, the mouse works properly and I can quickly enter my data and get back into 3D. Many other planes have a popup on the G1000 or other screens in the glass cockpit. I assume since so many planes use popup instruments, that the code is readily available and probably in an object library. So having the CDU popup should not be a complicated programming task. Of course, being popped up has nothing to do with the CDU function, so there are no complications there. Please, please, please make this change for the increasing number of VR users???
  15. quijote

    AutoSave for the IXEG 733

    Hello, I am starting from scratch with an autosave program and the fact that you have gone this far is terrific. Please, please share what you have done so far so that I don't have to reinvent the wheel!!!!!????? Notify me by PM or however..... Thanks EDIT: My AutoSave program is done and will be on the org for download within a few days. It saves a situation which puts the plane back in the air with heading, speed, and location. I haven't tested on the IXEG, but I think it saves fuel and other system variables. It doesn't save the flight plan so you have to reload that and activate the current leg. I'll attach it below.... Instructions in the zip....It is a python script..... AutoSave Program.zip