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  1. replace old file? you mean delete the old one and put the new one or copy over the old gizmo?
  2. I didn’t hear a single thing about AS since they announced they will be on x-plane
  3. XP 11.10 final

    Thank you for your answer, I mean really. I’m really tired of developers giving no information at all. All we need is more transperancy imo, answers might not be what we hope, but knowing something is not gonna happen soon is way better than hoping something won’t happen soon
  4. XP 11.10 final

    I’m not expecting any certain date ofcourse, I understand how time consuming it is and you all have your personal lifes too. just wondering if it can be done in 2018 or are they much more complicated than that?
  5. XP 11.10 final

    Hello Jan. Does holds, offset and better vnav calculations are in your high priority list(if there is something like that)? Should we expect them on 2018(early/mid/late?) and one more thing, will you be changing flight model to suit 11.10 or will you leave it as it is?
  6. Cockpit flashing in the storm

    It looks like a nice horror movie effect
  7. X-Plane 11.10 beta is close

    What about the ugly chemtrail?
  8. Holds, offset, desc now and a proper vnav are my top priorities
  9. my route, help please..

    Actually you can watch live how atc use those fixes if you have charts ltba is a great place to watch since it has way more fixes. Open ltba rnav arrival star charts and open flightradar24 at the same time and see how atc uses them to get planes on ils in heavy traffic
  10. my route, help please..

    Vectors means atc vectors, what you need to do if there is no atc is to fly to your iaf. By hand or heading or simply direct to your iaf if you don't want to disengage lnav. Usually if there are not many traffic around, you just make a shortcut and don't fly those last few fixes
  11. Hello, i'm wondering if we're any close for v1.3 and what to expect from it?
  12. Spot whats new (v1.1 spoiler alert)

    it's great new that we'll have a working tcas in next update but what about the fmc holds? I'm scared to join big events because of it