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    Can we expect VR Support anytime soon

    It's all very simple... Tested xplane 11 VR, amazing, sky max pro bug in VR, No support? https://forums.x-plane.org/index.php?/files/file/40952-soft-cloud-art/ Installed and very happy, , works well in VR,..the "proffesional developers" should learn. Uninstalled Sky max pro, share my experience with others virtual pilots who think, like me, that the VR is not only the future, is the present... none will buy Sky Max Pro. Simple
  2. gonvise

    XP 11.10 final

    Hello.. any ETA to next patch?
  3. gonvise

    Reflection displays

    Dear Syl20, I'm outside all day, but thank you for worrying about my health. My children only leave me half an hour a day to "fly"!!! I searched in my closet, but the closest thing is a T-shirt that says "don't go where they don't call you" ;-) Maybe you should follow your own advice... Thanks Jan, Great product, but with a price similar to the same xp11, I'd like to see updates more frequently... even more when a mistake is made. Cheers and peace, Gonzalo
  4. gonvise

    Reflection displays

    Ok, thanks... and please, before next update, check everything well so you don't forget anything... Meanwhile, I'll keep flying ZIBO mod (best VNAV), and wondering why I spent 70$ but you are not able to quickly fix a bug like this. Thanks.
  5. gonvise

    Reflection displays

    Is posible a hot fix for reflection displays? I bought recently and love these reflections in youtube videos...
  6. Hello again... With less cloud draw area, less single clouds have the effect... Perhaps a pair or three. They disappear when I dont look directly forward (sorry, before I said that they rotate...).
  7. Ok, thanks. I will try the suggested changes and comment.
  8. Hello, I am using the last version (1.71) of Flyinside to fly xplane 11 in VR. Due to the poor representation of the clouds in Xp11, I have opted for the software SkyMaxx Pro 4, since xenviro doesn't meet my expectations (I'd like the 3D "puffs" clouds, xenviro is good in the distance, but very poor in the representation of nearby clouds). But in Flyinside With SkyMaxx Pro 4, some clouds, at the distance (not only nearby clouds), rotate when I move my head. Also, sometimes the clouds flash, very often. On the other hand, Xenviro looks ok. Can you investigate this please? I understand that not everyone fly in VR, but FlyInside works very well with XP11 and the results in VR are amazing.