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  1. saitek throttle quadrant setup

    waiting for your good news !!!!!!!
  2. saitek throttle quadrant setup

    Thank you very much!!!!!!
  3. saitek throttle quadrant setup

    I have the black lever in the throttles but when i pul it back for reverse the throttles are going in front... can i fix it when i pul it back to have the reverse in this lever?because i have only one saitek for this!
  4. saitek throttle quadrant setup

    it works fantastic!!!! thsnk you very much!!! what is your other script?
  5. saitek throttle quadrant setup

    Thank you very much for your help... i will test it tomorrow and i will let you know!
  6. saitek throttle quadrant setup

    Hi my friends... yes the black is the throtle and i ask if we can assign the blue lever to map engine1 cutoff lever and the red one to map engine2 cutoff lever... i'm taking about ixeg 733 ...
  7. hi to all..i need your can i assign the fuel cut off and on in my saitek throttle quadrant ? i want to put the blue in number 1 and the red in number 2 ...any help? for ixeg 737-300... do i have to make a lua file?and how?
  8. The IXEG and X-Plane 11 Topic [Merged]

    Thanksssss i will check it .. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  9. The IXEG and X-Plane 11 Topic [Merged]

    can somebody load the ixeg to loww airport? or lgts airport?when i load it there the aircraft is moving p.brakes working,nothing..why? and in the pop up menu on the left the box with ground services is not ok... i can`t push it ...why?