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  1. jolmos

    Freezing the load of the X-Plane

    Thank You so much.
  2. jolmos

    Freezing the load of the X-Plane

    Oh my good ... By the way, thank you very much for your cooperation. The configuration of my video card is the one that shows the image. I have not had any problems with SMP before; nor with any program, scenario or plane added to the X-Plane. What's more, I also do not have any FPS problems with the X-Plane. The drivers of the video card are updated.
  3. jolmos

    Freezing the load of the X-Plane

    Dear Friends. I took a few days to perform the test you suggested, due to personal occupations and waiting for the reactivation of my passwords in X-Aviation, as a consequence of successive downloads of the Sky MAXX Pro software in the event of erroneous downloads. Procedure that of X-Activation that I share fully in protection of the abundant piracy. Going properly to our topic, unfortunately, the situation remains the same: the X-Plane is frozen in its download process, as a result of the SMP plugin, in accordance with what the Log.txt file, which I accompany, reports. The SMP load was made in an original version of X-Plane, without any addition and only updated to version 11.34. In terms of scenario, only the default scenario for Europe was loaded, so that the LOWI airport could be loaded as they suggested. I remain at your disposal, for any other proof I must do. I really do not understand what may be happening. Log.txt
  4. jolmos

    Freezing the load of the X-Plane

    In effect, I'm surprised by what happens. I have never had any problem with the SMP, quite the contrary. For me it is an excellent development. Well have a time for it, I will follow your suggestion. I'll keep you updated. Thank You so much.
  5. jolmos

    Freezing the load of the X-Plane

    The problem that I am referring to in this post is not new. I have expressed it by writing to X-Aviation. My last report sent to X-Aviation was 09/05/2019, being registered as: Ticket # 0F9NS. There, he expressed: “On 12/25/2018 I reported that there was a complete fall of the X-Plane as a result of your development: SkyMaxx. This was registered as: # K4CF6. No response from you. On 01/14/2019, I made a reiteration of the previous one. This was registered as: # WMM3H. No response to date. In both cases, version 4.7.3 was used. On the day of the date, I downloaded version 4.7.3 again in the hope that the aforementioned problem would have been solved. Unfortunately, this is not the case. I accompany you a copy of the Log.txt file of the X-Plane, in which the referred problem is verified. I beg You sent me an answer about it.” In this regard I must admit an error on my part, I had to access this forum and examine it, in relation to the problem I mentioned. Without prejudice to this, I have not received any response to this. Since the problem appeared (December-2018), I have made repeated reinstallations, without it being solved. It has been tested with flights with ships by default. Without result. I have never had memory problems with the SMP, nor is any corruption verified in this regard. I have uninstalled the SMP software numerous times, and re-painted it following the installation process foreseen by X-Aviation. In effect, the X-Plane is installed in a specific partition of the hard disk. The exception I am referring to includes the entire indicated partition. inally, I have sent the log.txt file in which the problem that I am referring to is appreciated. Thank you very much for your answers. I hope to have saving news. I am available to the developers to send them the information they need.
  6. I have loaded version 4.8.1, freezing the load of the X-Plane. This problem happens to me since the last modifications of SkyMAXX. The report of the log.txt file of the X-Plans, indicates: "This application has crashed because of the plugin: SkyMaxx Pro" The system is protected by the "AVAST Internet Security" program. This program has the SkyMAXX incorporated as an operational exception. If someone can help me, thank you very much. Log.txt
  7. jolmos

    737 IXEG Licence Problem

    Hola Pedro. Tanto tiempo. Te mando un especial saludo desde Tucumán. Si. Demoran en contestar. Pero te darán una respuesta. Fijate en el archivo log.txt del X-Plane si aparece alguna incompatibilidad entre algún plugin y el IXEG. Un excelente desarrollo. Un gusto haberte encontrado en este camino de la aviación. Mis mejores deseos.
  8. jolmos

    ILS radio does not work

    Thanks again "vonmarty". Thanks, "Litjan." I will carefully check this topic. I'll keep you updated.
  9. jolmos

    ILS radio does not work

    Thanks "vonmarty" but I mean the IXEG.
  10. jolmos

    ILS radio does not work

    Landing on SASA the radio signal ILS (110.3) was not picked up. Log.txt plane.txt
  11. jolmos

    [Confirmed]Stall Warning Test without audio

    As I mention in the title, when testing the stall alarms, the relevant audio is not verified. This was verified on several flights from version 1.21.
  12. jolmos

    XP 11.10 final

    Thank You so much Litjan. You're right. The problem is in version 11.10 of the X-Plane. Really frustrating, I dismantled the whole simulator. I had to download a second load of the X-Plane on my PC, luckily this load was version 11.05 (with the option to update it to 11.10, which I certainly did not do), and arm the whole simulator again. Luckily, I'm already flying the IXEG, without any problems until the present. Any news I communicate. Thank you again.
  13. jolmos

    XP 11.10 final

    I have tried unsuccessfully to load the IXEG. There has not been a fall of the X-Plane when loading other aircraft. Log.txt Log2.txt Log3.txt
  14. jolmos

    XP 11.10 final

    Yesterday I updated my X-Plane to the final version 11.10 (previously I have not used any beta version of the 11.10), and made a flight with my favorite plane: the IXEG. Everything developed normally with the following exceptions and assessment: Abnormal: a) The VOR and ILS radios did not work. The cabin lights behaved unstable with respect to the configured lighting value. c) The taxi lights, practically do not illuminate. Rating: I noticed that the aerodynamics of the landing was much better and more manageable. Today I will make another flight and continue reporting.
  15. jolmos

    CDU in pop up window

    Good idea !!!