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  1. jolmos

    ILS radio does not work

    Thanks again "vonmarty". Thanks, "Litjan." I will carefully check this topic. I'll keep you updated.
  2. jolmos

    ILS radio does not work

    Thanks "vonmarty" but I mean the IXEG.
  3. jolmos

    ILS radio does not work

    Landing on SASA the radio signal ILS (110.3) was not picked up. Log.txt plane.txt
  4. jolmos

    [Confirmed]Stall Warning Test without audio

    As I mention in the title, when testing the stall alarms, the relevant audio is not verified. This was verified on several flights from version 1.21.
  5. jolmos

    XP 11.10 final

    Thank You so much Litjan. You're right. The problem is in version 11.10 of the X-Plane. Really frustrating, I dismantled the whole simulator. I had to download a second load of the X-Plane on my PC, luckily this load was version 11.05 (with the option to update it to 11.10, which I certainly did not do), and arm the whole simulator again. Luckily, I'm already flying the IXEG, without any problems until the present. Any news I communicate. Thank you again.
  6. jolmos

    XP 11.10 final

    I have tried unsuccessfully to load the IXEG. There has not been a fall of the X-Plane when loading other aircraft. Log.txt Log2.txt Log3.txt
  7. jolmos

    XP 11.10 final

    Yesterday I updated my X-Plane to the final version 11.10 (previously I have not used any beta version of the 11.10), and made a flight with my favorite plane: the IXEG. Everything developed normally with the following exceptions and assessment: Abnormal: a) The VOR and ILS radios did not work. The cabin lights behaved unstable with respect to the configured lighting value. c) The taxi lights, practically do not illuminate. Rating: I noticed that the aerodynamics of the landing was much better and more manageable. Today I will make another flight and continue reporting.
  8. jolmos

    CDU in pop up window

    Good idea !!!
  9. jolmos

    IXEG 737 Insane Frame Drop

    If you have added mesh terrain, try pulling it out.
  10. jolmos

    Trim Power TO setup

    Thank YouTube so much.
  11. jolmos

    Trim Power TO setup

    I want to know how the position of the Trim Power is correctly configured for take-off. In the Main Menu, whatever the total weight of the airplane, the value CoG = 20 and 3.6%. Thanks for the help you can give me.
  12. Thank you so much for this effort. Actually IXEG is, by far, the best product developed for X-Plane. Of course things are missing, I say this not because unhappy, but because I fervently hope that an airplane is achieved as similar as possible to reality. Especially, the proper synchronization between procedures and failures; that is, if strict procedures are not strictly followed, the aircraft must fail.
  13. jolmos

    Unable CRZ ALT

    You can see the Flight Crew Operations Manual (FCOM), page 11.60.18 ADVISORY MESSAGE: UNABLE CRZ ALT CAUSE: FMC predicts that no cruise time is possible at the entered CRZ ALT. CORRECTIVE ACTION: Clear the message and review the CRZ ALT selection
  14. jolmos

    733-training videos

    Oh ¡¡ Thank You so much "westman".
  15. jolmos

    Pressure & quantity of oil

    Thank You so much, Jan. By the way, then I will check exactly the operation and comment. One precision, my comment does not refer to the "red band" but yes at the "yellow band". I see in your images that the amount of oil in both engines is the same; which does not happen on my plane. You can see it in the image I added above.