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  1. Cool addons for the IXEG:

    wow, great post thanks you
  2. Anybody got an idea?

    hi Tom, my install file weights 10 mb, may be your downloaded file is corrupted? try to dowload the installer again
  3. ok, thanks litjan
  4. Hi guys will the 1.08 have the holding function in the fmc?
  5. IXEG 737 Classic v1.0.2 Has Been Released!

    Thanks you mmerelles, i have got the latest version of the plane. Regards vialia
  6. IXEG 737 Classic v1.0.2 Has Been Released!

    Hi all, i bought this plane yesterday and after test it i think that is a very very good plane congratulations!. I have a question. If i have downloaded yesterday the installer from x-aviation page, What version do i have?, do i have to update the plane like this post say?