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  1. Torbjoern

    Gets me every time...

    @Litjan Awesome that you've elected to share your passion for flying with us simmers through this add-on. From the looks of it, you're also the guy who made a ton of airports for the Gateway, so thanks a million If you one day feel the need to a small change in your routine, I would recommend you check out the stuff from the flyjsim-guys if you're up for flying something, let's say, more "vintage" Again, thanks for all your efforts!
  2. Torbjoern

    Gets me every time...

    Hope you all are having an awesome sim-Sunday? After spending countless hours flying the the A320, 727, 767, 737 (NG and the -200), It's always a pleasure coming back to the IXEG Classic. I can't put my finger on it, but there is something special about the wear and tear of this cockpit. The quality of the textures and the "feel" of this particular flight model still is something that I use as a benchmark for all other developers. Even to this day, I'm still surprised how good this looks. So, after a hiatus from these forums, I just wanted to come back and say thanks Here from the excellent PAJN from MisterX. Cold and dark. Can't wait for those cathode ray's to awake the good old Amiga-memories when I power them up.
  3. Torbjoern

    Livery List & Requests

    @sjantand Hi! There is an excellent livery of the good old Braathens SAFE livery available here at X-pilot. For those ho haven't seen it yet, it's one of the most beautiful liveries out there. Both for the IXEG 733 and in real life. Is it possible to update this with PBR materials? I know it's a huge undertaking, but any help would be highly appreciated
  4. Torbjoern

    XP 11 flight model [status]

    Hi Morten, do you care to show your sensitivity options in X-plane? I have a pretty good setup now (using a heavy joystick), which works great doing smooth turns at higher altitude, but I haven't been able to find a good setup that also works during the landing phase. The reason I ask is that trying out different sensitivities will take time to learn by "muscle memory", but if you already have a recommendation, that would help tremendously
  5. @Flying12 Hi, I have the same setup, but haven't OCd the CPU yet. Expect 60-70fps with all settings, except reflections at max on regular airport/cities. High 50s to low 60s in more congested areas. You should have no problem with the add-on what so ever. My feedback about FPS was that I used to have 75-85, but now have 65-75 which is an indication that something has changed that made things perform less than before in my case. Cameron however summarised it perfectly in a previous post, that this is not the case for everybody. Most will probably experience an increase, but a subset of users, myself included, are experiencing a decrease. That being said, it looks like they're looking into it so I'm confident they'll sort it out. Remember that these guys where the first ones to provide us with a complex aircraft that actually ran better than many of the default aircraft back in X-plane 10. How they were able to do that, I have no idea, but they're pretty good at keeping this bird running buttery smooth and I suspect they will continue to do so in the future
  6. Alejandro: (insert a sentence where i'm boasting about my new GPU I got 2 weeks ago here, making everybody nauseous ...) Another thing I see, is that all the engine-indicators are gone, but if I remember correctly, that's a 10.20vr1 bug in X-plane. Positive feedback: The flight model (which I have no knowledge/authority on what-so-ever) is working great! Just took off pitching for 15 degrees, and the airplane responded well and did exactly as it did in X-plane 10. Those reflections... What can I say.. They certainly bring another level of immersion Re-install without hotfix worked flawlessly! Also, no 5-minutes stutters waiting for activation that I get from another famous X-plane store. (welcome to Norwegian latency-issues) I don't know if you changed the model or texture of the cover right above the PFD, but it looks great! Greasers are back! No more hydraulic-fluid replacements needed after landing. If you upgrade the sound in the future, please include "passengers still sleeping"-sound, as there is no change in h*** that they felt the landing I just did. It's not the Boeing-way, but hey, who are they to tell me that my passengers can't experience the comforts of a steady hand on the yoke. Relé clickidy-clack-bang sounds and CRTs coming alive... Yep, has always been there, but still deserves recognition
  7. Hi all I'm seeing the same as Alejandro Serino. FPS is high, so it's not a problem, but around 10fps lower than it used to be. If there is any data you want me to provide on the matter, please don't hesitate to ask. FPS on my computer is absolutely fine, but lower than before.
  8. Torbjoern

    Gizmo update [May 2017]

    Just got a new computer. Moved the entire X-plane folder to the new one. Gizmo asked me for a new Computer-name and BAM! Everything's up an running. Works perfectly, good job! This is so (insert 50 o's here) easy a child could do it. Thanks!
  9. Torbjoern

    Adding more custom controls

    Hmm, not sure on how to do this. Haven't tried xassign yet, but from what I read in this forum and other, people with way more experience than myself, highly recommend Flywithlua for reason stated above. In this thread you can also see some basic examples on what other people did. From the examples I've seen so far, it's high-level and really easy to understand structure, but I haven't had the time to look at it yet, but that would be the direction to take. Flywithlua is something that is used for many things (not sure on exactly "how" many things in XP11), but I suspect that trying that stuff out would not be a waste of time. If you do however find out how to do it, and especially how to create commands that use multiple datareferences at the same time (i.e. strobe and landing lights with the flick of one switch), please share
  10. Torbjoern

    Adding more custom controls

    Hi Stealthbob, bump away For trust reverses, simply map the "button" that is pressed when dragging the TM Throttle over the threshold and set it to "decrease" throttle in X-plane itself. Then when you drag the throttles over the "bump", the trust-reverser should kick in. Another way to do it, is by using xjoymap, and then mapping an axis with negative values in that direction, triggered by the same button, but that is way to complicated. If this was what you intended to do, I'll post a screenshot during the weekend on how to set it up. Suggestions have been made to use flywithlua instead of Xjoymap and this is something I've been thinking about for ages. Simply put, we can use that plugin to define a control-set for all our aircraft, automatically detected and applied, but I haven't gotten around to it yet. After PMDG 747v3 came out I spend all my time in P3D, and all I can say is that it would take some eyebrow windows to change my focus back to X-plane (insert wink-emoji here...)
  11. Torbjoern

    MFG Crosswind rudder pedals

    Thanks Tom!
  12. Torbjoern

    MFG Crosswind rudder pedals

    Awesome Tom, I've been wondering for some time now if I should invest in the pedals myself. Please do give us an update on your impressions when you've tried them out. I, for one, are certainly curious to find out if they're worth the investment. I use the Saitek Pro Rudders pedals today. With the left toe-brake spring broken, and somewhat "shady" auto-calibration, the handling of the 733, and especially during taxi is quite tricky. Looking forward to your report! Thanks. Torbjørn
  13. Torbjoern

    Adding more custom controls

    @Jeremy Carter Yes, absolutely. I'm looking at what others have done in this forum and elsewhere, and it looks promising. Especially the way I'm able to read the aircraft currently running, and applying a specific script based on that. I've tried using a couple of plugins, including the one you recommended I try, and they do work as intended, but an automated approach would be preferable and much easier to migrate if (read: when) I do a fresh reinstall of Windows and X-plane. It also looks to me that I'm finally able to combine multiple commands using FlyWithLua. And let's admit it, tinkering with settings is why we got into simulators to begin with. Flicking switches, turning knobs etc, that is where the real fun is. Once we get up to cruising altitude, things get somewhat boring, but smashing our heads against the monitor, trying to figure out why we can't get the hat-switch to increase the overhead panel lights while at the same time dimming the dome-lights is what really X-plane is all about I'm certain that a well known 737-captain is probably going to cry himself to sleep when reading this, after spending hours upon hours creating the most impressive flight model ever seen in a simulator, and although landing this beast during a winter storm in Norway is still one heck of an experience, flicking a hardware switch on my throttle, and hearing the relay-"bang" as the generator kicks in, is still one of many things I'll never get bored doing. Torbjørn
  14. Torbjoern

    Adding more custom controls

    Dear Lord! That is awesome! Please keep us posted on the progress
  15. Torbjoern

    Adding more custom controls

    Confirmed! Works like a charm Fun game: How long can you turn it off before the engine won't re-ignite? new_command=Left Cutoff dataref=ixeg/733/fuel/fuel_start_lever1_act description=Left Cutoff Test on_value = 1 off_value = 0