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  1. Gizmo update [May 2017]

    Just got a new computer. Moved the entire X-plane folder to the new one. Gizmo asked me for a new Computer-name and BAM! Everything's up an running. Works perfectly, good job! This is so (insert 50 o's here) easy a child could do it. Thanks!
  2. Adding more custom controls

    Hmm, not sure on how to do this. Haven't tried xassign yet, but from what I read in this forum and other, people with way more experience than myself, highly recommend Flywithlua for reason stated above. In this thread you can also see some basic examples on what other people did. From the examples I've seen so far, it's high-level and really easy to understand structure, but I haven't had the time to look at it yet, but that would be the direction to take. Flywithlua is something that is used for many things (not sure on exactly "how" many things in XP11), but I suspect that trying that stuff out would not be a waste of time. If you do however find out how to do it, and especially how to create commands that use multiple datareferences at the same time (i.e. strobe and landing lights with the flick of one switch), please share
  3. Adding more custom controls

    Hi Stealthbob, bump away For trust reverses, simply map the "button" that is pressed when dragging the TM Throttle over the threshold and set it to "decrease" throttle in X-plane itself. Then when you drag the throttles over the "bump", the trust-reverser should kick in. Another way to do it, is by using xjoymap, and then mapping an axis with negative values in that direction, triggered by the same button, but that is way to complicated. If this was what you intended to do, I'll post a screenshot during the weekend on how to set it up. Suggestions have been made to use flywithlua instead of Xjoymap and this is something I've been thinking about for ages. Simply put, we can use that plugin to define a control-set for all our aircraft, automatically detected and applied, but I haven't gotten around to it yet. After PMDG 747v3 came out I spend all my time in P3D, and all I can say is that it would take some eyebrow windows to change my focus back to X-plane (insert wink-emoji here...)
  4. MFG Crosswind rudder pedals

    Thanks Tom!
  5. MFG Crosswind rudder pedals

    Awesome Tom, I've been wondering for some time now if I should invest in the pedals myself. Please do give us an update on your impressions when you've tried them out. I, for one, are certainly curious to find out if they're worth the investment. I use the Saitek Pro Rudders pedals today. With the left toe-brake spring broken, and somewhat "shady" auto-calibration, the handling of the 733, and especially during taxi is quite tricky. Looking forward to your report! Thanks. Torbjørn
  6. Adding more custom controls

    @Jeremy Carter Yes, absolutely. I'm looking at what others have done in this forum and elsewhere, and it looks promising. Especially the way I'm able to read the aircraft currently running, and applying a specific script based on that. I've tried using a couple of plugins, including the one you recommended I try, and they do work as intended, but an automated approach would be preferable and much easier to migrate if (read: when) I do a fresh reinstall of Windows and X-plane. It also looks to me that I'm finally able to combine multiple commands using FlyWithLua. And let's admit it, tinkering with settings is why we got into simulators to begin with. Flicking switches, turning knobs etc, that is where the real fun is. Once we get up to cruising altitude, things get somewhat boring, but smashing our heads against the monitor, trying to figure out why we can't get the hat-switch to increase the overhead panel lights while at the same time dimming the dome-lights is what really X-plane is all about I'm certain that a well known 737-captain is probably going to cry himself to sleep when reading this, after spending hours upon hours creating the most impressive flight model ever seen in a simulator, and although landing this beast during a winter storm in Norway is still one heck of an experience, flicking a hardware switch on my throttle, and hearing the relay-"bang" as the generator kicks in, is still one of many things I'll never get bored doing. Torbjørn
  7. Adding more custom controls

    Dear Lord! That is awesome! Please keep us posted on the progress
  8. Adding more custom controls

    Confirmed! Works like a charm Fun game: How long can you turn it off before the engine won't re-ignite? new_command=Left Cutoff dataref=ixeg/733/fuel/fuel_start_lever1_act description=Left Cutoff Test on_value = 1 off_value = 0
  9. Adding more custom controls

    Alright. In that case, I would suggest you define the values for "On" and "Off". If you set "values = 0,1" there needs to be an interaction for both on and off. This is super useful if you have a hardware-button and you wish is to do something without the need for being pressed. I use it for instance for Dome-lights and FLT/GRD. If you on the other hand pre-set the values to "either this or that", the actual state of the button will reflect the state of the button in the aircraft without interaction. Sorry if the explanation is bad. My English is in no way perfect ;o) Example: I have a switch on my TM-hotas throttle. This is a switch that is either on or off. If I use the following line of code in Xjoymap, the strobe light will correspond to the switch-state when I load the SIM. I'm not sure if the cutoff switches are reported to the sim as axis, but give it a try (also try with values 0 and 1, or -1 and 0 if needed, depending on what the hardware actually reports to the sim) ****Example from my config**** new_command=Strobe Light dataref=ixeg/733/lighting/strobe_lt_act description=Strobe Light on_value = 1 off_value = 0 In this example, if I load the SIM with the switch set to the upward position, the strobe light will be on. I use this when entering/exiting the runway, flick a switch and I'm all set ****Will try later today, but could solve your problem**** new_command=Left Cutoff dataref=ixeg/733/fuel/fuel_start_lever1_act description=Left Cutoff Test on_value = 1 off_value = 0 In this example, the switch you have will do the same thing, but for the cutoff lever (hopefully). If the desired state of the hardware does not reflect the desired state in the sim, simply change the values accordingly. Hope this helps, and I'll try it myself tonight. Sincerely Torbjørn
  10. Adding more custom controls

    Yep, this look like a good solution to your problem Tobizzle. I'll check it later today. Just for my own understanding, your hardware is a switch with two positions or is it an axis? Mr. MMerelles, could you tell me more about the solution you use in Lua? I would really enjoy using a language to control these functions that gives me far more control than the "Config-scheme" used i Xjoymap. Today, joining simple commands can be a drag using XJoyMap, so any advice would be greatly appreciated!
  11. Adding more custom controls

    Thanks Jeremy! Looks really very promising indeed. Keep 'em coming ;o)
  12. Custom Commands

    Hi, the first post in this topic I've explained what I use and how I use it: You need the plugin for it to work, but follow the instructions and you should be fine. There is a config-file that uses many custom datarefs, but you can use as many as you'd like in your own file. Please note however that if you are using some sort of rotary knob, it would probably be a good idea to look trough the "comment" file. This contains some templates from the Xjoymap devs on how to create rotary commands. For myself, it took a couple of days to get the hang of how X-plane works, what datarefs are and how they behave, but read available docs in the link (and in this section) and you should be up and running quickly Xjoymap plugin has some advanced features that I haven't tried yet, but rotary knobs should not be that difficult to implement. There are some who tinker with the FlyWithLua plugin, that basically lets you manipulate the datarefs using more advanced language. This is something I haven't had the use for yet, but the logic seems pretty straight forward and it might be a place to go if needed. I suggest starting with xjoymap as the tolerance for doing it wrong is quite high.
  13. Autopilot Issue

    Yup, same issue here, and the solution from Apollo works perfectly! Thank you :o)
  14. Adding more custom controls

    Hi Ikari! From what I can see, there are two commands for "horn cutout". I'm guessing the first one is for the warning of the cabin pressure (overhead) and the second one for altitude warning (pedestal). If I remember correctly, they should both have two states only (away from my X-plane computer at the moment). These commands are specified in the interface guide as: ixeg/733/hydraulics/horn_cutout_act (guessing cabin pressure as it is categorized under hydraulics?) ixeg/733/misc/alt_horn_co_act If you check the two files uploaded in the first post of this thread, you should be able to quickly add them yourself. If not, I'm definitely adding the second one as I sometimes do low-level flying in the fjords of Norway ;o) When it comes to the Master Warning/Caution, I see several that might fit the bill (see comments.txt for all commands). These "might" be the cation (yellow) button for both sides. I'm also guessing that "recall" is for the caution panel that is next to it. ixeg/733/caution/caution_reset_act ixeg/733/caution/caution_reset_cpt_act ixeg/733/caution/caution_recall_act ixeg/733/caution/caution_recall_cpt_act I haven't been able to find the master warning yet. But I'm certain that its buried in there somewhere ;o) I need to look at this further, and figure out what command correlate to each button, but feel free to check it out yourself and report back the findings as I'm away from the X-plane computer until tomorrow. Sincerely Torbjørn
  15. Adding more custom controls

    I'm editing the first post to make it easier for anybody to follow the status so far. Jeremy: Haven't been able to figure out the issue with the keyboard-commands