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  1. Thanks for this post Cameron, it saved me writing one. I have 64GB Ram and it deffo should not be reaching 98% usage lol. This also seems to fix the issue for me.
  2. Ah that’s perfect J, thank you ever so much for providing an update. Hopefully it won’t be too long then until the update, I purchased this aircraft in 2014 but I really want to get back to flying it lol. Take care, Joe
  3. Hello all I hope you are well I was wondering if you could please help me? As soon as I start the engines in the SAAB 340, the thorttle /power increases on its own, unless I put the engines into reverse (this stops the issue from happening). The power leavers in the cockpit remain in the same position however which is strange. I have put a video on YouTube that shows this issue: I do not have this issue with any other aircraft (I have a lot of payware planes). Kind regards, Joe
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