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  1. lanmancz

    Have not received a discount letter !

    Same here, I also did not receive anything (gmail). I have all the newsletters and notifications enabled in the store. It's not in spam either (I actually have my spam folder usually empty, nothing there). Is every V3 customer eligible for the discount ? Or only those who paid full price for v3 ? Because I also got discount for v3 back then when it came out so I'm not sure now since I didn't receive the e-mail. edit: Hm, in the release announcement it says that every existing v3 customer should get their discount code in e-mail. Something is not right then because I did not receive it. I actually spoke to another person that I know and he did receive it so they've been sent out but it seems that mine did not arrive
  2. lanmancz

    Skymaxx V4.0 Beta High Altitude Shots

    You mean the one which starts with x and ends with o ? I have to come to defend SMP here a little because that product, while it can look okay in some screenshots looks quite awful compared to SMP (even v3) after a closer inspection - low resolution, completely flat, endlessly repeating cloud sprites that look very bad in motion (see some vids on YT). Not to mention the steep price for what looks like a beta release with missing features (custom weather). To me the only issues I had with SMPv3 was somewhat low view distance from up high (I mostly fly airliners) and I am looking forward to see how v4 will perform. One thing that nobody can deny is that SMP clouds are nice and volumetric, not ugly 2d blobs like its 2006.
  3. lanmancz

    X - Plane 11

    FlyWithLUA works for me. Didn't try NOAA.
  4. That's odd. My PFPX installation contains profile for the 737-300 CFM56-3 20k model. edit: Or did I download it from somewhere, lol, I don't remember. But this is what I got : IXEG733.txt Boeing 737-300 CFM56-3 20k.txt
  5. lanmancz

    Cabin announcements?

    Funny, I was thinking the same thing when Jan mentioned he's now flying the A320. So is this a good time to start speculations ?
  6. lanmancz

    Cabin announcements?

    Try this : http://forums.x-plane.org/index.php?/files/file/34723-3jcabin-sounds-pa-plugin/
  7. lanmancz

    Cockpit Bulders Hope

    Actually I think I've seen a recent video interview with Austin where he said that they made VR work internally and that it looks great but the issue is that as VR is still being developed and the libraries change all the time and new versions usually brake compatibility with old code so their idea is to wait until it's stabilized and then write in the VR support. As far as I understand him the VR support is planned and might not be that far away, seems to me like a feature XP11 might have. edit: Ah yes, here's the interview (few months old), OR question starts at 3:05 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pnYz9LpTTus
  8. lanmancz

    FPS Issues as flight progresses

    btw: Perhaps this is related to what you guys are reporting but I have noticed that SMP 3.3.2 keeps rendering clouds that I have passed way back in the distance behind me, outside of the set radius which considerably lowers the FPS when looking into that direction. Moving the view range slider slightly and pressing Apply which recalculates the clouds brings FPS back to normal.
  9. lanmancz

    GrdHandling and IXEG 737 Classic

    Yeah I don't have TugMaster. IXEG has built-in pushback, the same FF767 which is the other big one I fly and for small ones I used EZPushback free plugin.
  10. lanmancz

    GrdHandling and IXEG 737 Classic

    Well I pretty much never had any issues with JAR plugins and IXEG (I use GndHandling and Xlife in all my flights). I think at the very beginning there were some issues reported but those were fixed in like 1.0.3 or something. Personally I don't have any issues with those.
  11. lanmancz

    GrdHandling and IXEG 737 Classic

    GrdHandling works fine for me. I use it with the IXEG 737-300 all the time. I even created my own custom set for it : http://forums.x-plane.org/index.php?/files/file/32893-ghd-custom-set-for-ixeg-b737-300/&tab=comments The only issue people reported to me are that the set does not work on Mac, possibly because the filename would be different on Mac than on Windows 10 which I run. If you run on Mac try creating your own custom set to see what filename it creates (just plop a conus there or something) and then rename my custom set to that filename.
  12. lanmancz

    Plane descends too 10,000 ft 230nm out

    I am not in VNAV, that's what I mean (see screenshot). I've been cruising at FL360, set FL140 as my initial descent altitude and hit FLCHG (not sure if this is correct?perhaps I'm using the FLCHG wrong?). The plane then goes nose down at -6000+ fpm for a while, overshoots the selected speed (M.73 currently) by about 20 kts and then starts leveling out, slows down to the selected speed and stabilizes at about -2000 fpm.
  13. lanmancz

    Plane descends too 10,000 ft 230nm out

    Thanks for explanation! It just seemed odd to me that the plane will lose 10000ft very rapidly during the initial descent from high altitude. Perhaps this is something that is not well modeled in other models that I'm used to flying.
  14. lanmancz

    Plane descends too 10,000 ft 230nm out

    Hi, on a similar note I have noticed that the initial descent from cruise altitude with FLCH is quite steep. When I am at 35000 for example and set say 12000 as my initial descent altitude and go into FLCH over my estimated T/D (I use PFPX) I initially get quite a vomit comet - the plane drops at -4000+ fpm, sometimes the needle is even stuck way down at -6000+ fpm so it cannot even indicate any higher descent rate. It then starts leveling out and stabilizes around -2000 fpm when the descent speed gets overshot by a lot. Did you also observe this behavior ? Is this normal or something that will receive some fine-tuning as well, please ? The workaround is to use V/S mode first, get into stable descent and switch into FLCH later.
  15. lanmancz

    No clouds in 10.50

    Oh yeah, that works too. Nice. Thanks.