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  1. Hi guys Ive just installed SMP4 and RWC1.1 onto XP10.51r2. Im using TrackIR with X-Camera plugin. Flying through some low cloud, overcast conditions, i noticed that when I turned my head, the cloud rotation would change. If i turned my head back in the opposite direction, the cloud rotation would reverse. If my head is stationary, then the clouds behave as expected. If I go to an external view and use the mouse to pan, I observe the same rotational issue. So it's not TrackIR afaik. Also I noticed clouds popping in and out at distance when I rotate the view. Is this normal behaviour? This is a very minor issue in the grand scheme of things and Im quite happy with the update and the performance. Just wondering if there is a setting somewhere that I can change to fix it. Thank you for the update and for any assistance you can offer. Here are my settings, Log file attached: Kind regards Log.txt
  2. I just installed RWC1.1. A small note regarding the manual that opens automatically after install completes. It says it's version 1.0 - might confuse some people. Or perhaps the installer is linking to an old manual?
  3. Ok thanks mate. Have flown her extensively today and no re-occurrence of the issue so far. Appreciate your help
  4. Thanks for the response and the information. Im not sure what the frame rates were, but theyre typically excellent (high end PC). Have not seen the over-temp condition before (pre XP10.5) and it has only occurred once since upgrading. The Saab has been rock solid before this. I've attached the log file from the flight when this happened and ill attempt to reproduce fault. Thermocouple or TD amp in left engine probably U/S lol Cheers Log.txt
  5. Here's the gizlog after shutting down xplane after that flight. Looks like some sound errors, but nothing relating to the overtemp or other plugins (not to my untrained eye anyway). Side note - why are there sound errors? Everything sounds fine ... Thanks for your help mate. GizmoLog.txt
  6. Thanks for the quick response mate. Will do.
  7. Gday Saab340 pilots Can someone please explain what's going on here? Right engine started fine. Left engine temp went through the roof. Same start procedure, levers and throttles in the same position. Tried clearing the fault by shutting down, cold start, etc, it remained high and the left temp number counter would clock itself over. All other indications are normal. Aircraft flew normally, no abnormal flight characteristics, no flames coming out of left engine Is this just a glitch? I've been having some minor issues in XP10.51 that I have not noticed before. Incl a CTOT problem earlier (ie, it would not engage). Which I believe is part of a ground handling plugin error. A restart of the PC fixed that. Any ideas?
  8. Skiman

    TQ Status Viewer bug in 10.5

    Disregard. Just realised this has been reported. Sorry gents
  9. Skiman

    TQ Status Viewer bug in 10.5

    Gday gents Am getting re-acquainted with this great aircraft after updating to 10.5 and noticed that the red position line on the TQ status lever is missing. Any ideas? Gizmo bug perhaps? Screenshot here Cheers
  10. Skiman

    IXEG 737 Classic Release Announcement

    Great stuff - congratulations gents. Looking forward to my first heavy!
  11. Skiman

    Saab340 altimeter in millibars

    Thats great to know - thank you very much Goran
  12. Skiman

    Saab340 altimeter in millibars

    Hi I'm wondering if it's possible to change the Saab340 altimeter from showing inches of mercury to millibars. Have looked through the manuals and searched the forums, but no joy. Cheers
  13. Skiman

    SkyMaxx Pro v3.1 Has Been Released!

    Awesome stuff, thanks for the update - am giving it a good run tonight. Sadly, the cloud shadow still kills my frame rate by 20 fps. Xplane45 i7-2600K @4Ghz GTX970 16G RAM Vanilla scenery
  14. Skiman

    GPS Xplane 530 not working in Saab 340

    You Sir, are a champion. Thank you so much for the quick response. It's working now. (believe it or not, I did search the forums for an answer but nothing came up). Again, much obliged.