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  1. kentwerickson

    SkyMaxx Pro v4.8.2 Update Released!

    Thanks very much! View from Half Moon Bay (CA) with evening fog rolling in is close to sublime! (XP10)
  2. kentwerickson

    SkyMaxx Pro v4.8.1 Update Released!

    Thank you!!!
  3. kentwerickson

    Does RWC require an update?

    I can confirm that LR will not be retrograding XP10, which while disappointing is somewhat understandable. Yet by the same token, since LR is still selling XP10, which is advertised as supporting real-world weather, you'd think they might have just bitten the bullet on this one; if even as an unsupported patch. Alas, not to be.
  4. kentwerickson

    Does RWC require an update?

    While perhaps not an ideal solution, I for one am grateful that you gave us the next best option. Better yet if RWC could just download in the background and then inject/update at regular intervals. In other words, since RWC is reportedly capable of downloading the data itself, is it not possible to just bypass Gizmo altogether?
  5. kentwerickson

    Does RWC require an update?

    That's great. I could even live with a momentary delay as often as once every 5-10 minutes. Seems unlikely that real weather would change dramatically between this interval, but once per hour might be pushing it. Of course others might have a different take on this. But generally speaking, what I find most important is that my injected/simulated weather match the real weather (or near enough), particularly in regard to wind conditions, during takeoff and landing; e.g., so that active runway selection is more or less accurate.
  6. kentwerickson

    Does RWC require an update?

    Yes, I understand that XPGFS will work without RWC -- this is what I've been stuck with for the past several months. But as I understand, RWC draws clouds with greater precision and fidelity along with certain other features that justify its additional cost (including more recently smoother transitions). But I agree that the relationships between all of these weather-related plugins is pretty confusing, and I am not certain that I have it right. CORRECTION: It appears that I misremembered -- according to the RWC manual I should be using "Always" with XPGFS, which again causes stutters. I assume that I must await an update to Gizmo to fix this problem (or anyhow hopefully). In the meantime, and in high praise to the good folks at Sundog, I am very happy to report that this (see images below) looks more like a thunderstorm in my neck of the woods:
  7. kentwerickson

    Does RWC require an update?

    Thanks for the suggestion Jakob. I have tried lowering the settings. But as mentioned, SMP with my current settings runs fine by itself and reports that I have plenty of RAM and VRAM.
  8. kentwerickson

    Does RWC require an update?

    Thanks Frank. I neglected to mention that I run RWC in "Never" mode, which as I understand is the appropriate mode for XPGFS, yet am still experiencing stutters. Or, is it the case that I still need to await a Gizmo update to fix this particular problem?
  9. kentwerickson

    Does RWC require an update?

    I am ecstatic about the recent update -- thanks very much! But (FYI) I am now experiencing fairly dramatic FPS stutters/freezes with RWC enabled -- about every 30-60 seconds (which I assume corresponds with XPGFS weather updates). This occurs even when sitting stationary on the ground; i.e., not caused by flying into new weather patterns. I've verified this, first by disabling all other third party addons, and then running both with and without RWC enabled. SMP + XPGFS consistently runs like butter on my system, but the stutters return with RWC enabled. I also don't recall this ever occurring prior to the recent RWC/Gizmo outage.
  10. kentwerickson

    Does RWC require an update?

    Not sure I follow your distinction here between "X-Plane 11" and "default X-Plane." But as things stand, I can still run RWC in "Automatic" mode in XP10 together with XPGFS (Joan's NOAA weather plugin) as my surrogate weather engine; i.e., XPGFS still injects accurate real-world weather data in XP10, and SMP still draws clouds that are relatively consistent with this data. However it seems that RWC in this configuration (in "Automatic" mode) is not really doing anything other than not causing problems (i.e., not causing XP to crash). For I get the same results with RWC disabled; i.e., when running only XPGFS + SMP. Rather the problem arises when I have RWC enabled and set to "Always," as I did prior to the NOAA server issue. In this configuration SMP stops drawing clouds. In other words, it seems that while the weather data interface between XP10, XPGFS, and SMP all still work fine, the interface somewhere between XP10, XPGFS, and RWC does not. Perhaps I am missing something. But otherwise, I don't understand how RWC/Gizmo, in its current form, can interpret the native real-world weather data generated by XP11?
  11. kentwerickson

    Does RWC require an update?

    Thanks. Reassurance is at least partly what I am seeking, and in my view not unreasonably so. But just to be clear, are you saying that if I simply upgrade to XP11 this will immediately solve my issue with respect to RWC (i.e., without having to invest in a new weather injector such as FSGRW)? For as I understand, the issue with RWC (via Gizmo) is not XP version-specific. Ben Russell writes above: Gizmo handles the data download function for RWC. Gizmo does not currently support HTTPS. This will affect XP10 and XP11.
  12. kentwerickson

    Does RWC require an update?

    Progress report? With all due respect, it's been several months since the NOAA METAR format change took effect, and the continued silence is becoming deafening. Someone in the X-Aviation camp (I don't recall now who) claimed that the fix for this problem is non-trivial. But please understand that from the perspective of end-users it's hard to imagine how difficult this could be, especially given that so many other developers were able to respond to it nearly immediately. But as important are just periodic updates for purposes of reassuring hopeful customers that the issue is still being actively addressed, or perhaps not for whatever reason. For instance, if it turns out that the programmer responsible for this particular section of code has run off to Borneo on a two-year sabbatical, this would also be helpful to know (e.g., so that I don't bother to continually check this thread for updates). Thanks in advance.
  13. kentwerickson

    SMP v4.7 Cloud Striations

    I actually have already tried precisely what you suggest here -- setting the blend slider to zero -- but could not discern any appreciable difference (actually, I was a bit surprised by this because it still looked to me that some blending was occurring). I also tried changing the cloud formation type, which also did not seem to alleviate the problem. As you say, maybe I have just encountered just a fringe condition. And ordinarily this would not be a big deal except that I don't recall ever noticing this problem in the past (and I fly a lot). But again if it occurs again I will attempt to experiment some more and provide screenshots of what I am seeing.
  14. kentwerickson

    SMP v4.7 Cloud Striations

    Thanks again Frank. Just to be clear, I am currently not using RWC (I have it disabled/uninstalled) because of the NOAA web interface issue, which I am hoping will eventually get resolved. In other words, I am currently constrained to using only SMP + NOAA Weather plugin. However before the interface issue cropped up, everything -- SMP+RWC+NOAA Weather -- was all working fine together. The current cropping issue occurs not only in evenly distributed fog/overcast conditions (as depicted in my screenshots above) but also (occasionally) with broken low level cumulonimbus clouds, particularly in and around areas of high terrain. What's kinda' weird about this issue is that the cropping effect changes (will go in and out) as I change/re-position the camera angle. At the moment I am having difficult reproducing this latter phenomenon. But for comparison, I am attaching a few screenshots just to show that SMP does for the most part work with my version of the NOAA Weather plugin. I will add screenshots of the cropping issue the next time I notice it.
  15. kentwerickson

    Strange towering clouds

    Seems like a reasonable compromise; thanks!