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  1. SkyMaxx Pro v4.5 Has Been Released

    As mentioned, I have noticed this problem (so far) only at KPHX (Phoenix AZ, MisterX6 scenery) and KTUS (Tuscon AZ). I tried again last night (both airports) and had no similar problems. However, the weather/cloud layer was also different (don't know if that matters). For now, I'll just write this off as a scenery issue and report back should it reoccur (if it does, I will be sure to immediately re-test with all third-party addons disabled). But thanks again, all the same, for your support.
  2. SkyMaxx Pro v4.5 Has Been Released

    Okay, thanks--if all else fails, I'll give this a try. Also, and perhaps importantly, I neglected to mention earlier that these gaps in cloud rendering (e.g., as shown in the image above) go away by adjusting my camera view ever so slightly (e.g., by panning up/down, or left/right, with my mouse). In other words, the anomaly is visible only from certain viewing angles. Don't know if this is indicative of a culprit, but seems worth mentioning.
  3. SkyMaxx Pro v4.5 Has Been Released

    Thanks for your reply. I have no idea what's causing the problem. I have HDR on, and XP rendering settings are nearly maxed out. I'm running an NVidia GT755M (2GB) graphics card with the latest drivers; not top-of-the line, but in my 3+ years of using it with XP 10 and SMP I've never experienced anything like this (not even in the 3 months or so since the last SMP update). If I have time this evening I will attempt to reproduce and attach the log file (my post here was just a first crack to see if this is a known problem with perhaps a known solution).
  4. SkyMaxx Pro v4.5 Has Been Released

    Any idea what's going on here? (see below). Image taken at KPHX, and I've only noticed this problem (so far) in Arizona (also at KTUS). SMP v4.5, NOAA, RWC, XP 10.51.
  5. Some bugs? V1.4

    That's fine as long as I can eventually do this via key command; otherwise it's kind of distracting after touchdown trying to find and set the 3D tiller control (I'm all for realism in XP, but not at the cost of usability/safety to my passengers I misspoke here; I have the throttle levers mapped to an axis, but use two spare buttons for prop control (forward-a-bit/back-a-bit) on all my other payware aircraft. I am again unclear as to why assigning prop control to an axis should be the case. But having the button option is important because I don't have a super-fancy joystick with endless amounts of axis controls -- it has only enough axes to control the flight surfaces (pitch/roll/yaw) plus throttle. In any case, not a huge deal as on the 340 I've grown accustomed to doing this manually (using the mouse/3D levers). Thanks for your reply.
  6. Some bugs? V1.4

    Can you please explain the tiller logic in greater detail (seems that there has been no update to the systems documentation that explains this)? It seems that the tiller automatically turns itself OFF at some point, either after takeoff or after landing. The observed problem is that if, after landing, I come to a stop (say at a runway crossing), I find that the tiller is OFF (yet I left it ON) and thus no nose wheel control. Also, can the tiller be mapped to a keyboard toggle (the 3D knob is not especially easy/intuitive to operate)? I tried the XP default "nose wheel steering toggle" data ref and that doesn't do it (also, I see no obvious choice within the LES/Saab 340a custom commands). A second question: I've never been able to control the prop levers with a joystick button (though I can control the throttle levers this way). Maybe I'm mapping the button to the wrong command, or maybe it's confined to a joystick axis (never tried this, but don't see why this should be). In any case, if mapping the prop levers to a joystick button is possible can you please just tell me which is the correct mapping? Thanks.
  7. Some Bugs? v1.4.1

    Only right side windshield wiper operates; i.e., is animated (can't remember if this was different in v1.3, as I rarely use the wipers).
  8. Some Bugs? v1.4.1

    I'm noticing a drop in frame rate over v1.3. Also, camera zoom using my mouse wheel no longer works with the 340 v1.4.1 (yet works just fine with all my other planes).
  9. SMP4 Rain/Snow Effects

    Got it, thanks. My FOV is set at 65, and at this setting the rain falls like snow (I can visually track individual drops to the ground, yet which I cannot even come close to doing in real life).
  10. SMP4 Rain/Snow Effects

    Just an opinion. But in my estimation the image below is better representation of heavy snowfall than I am currently able to achieve in SMPv4. As I've mentioned in an earlier post, I would also like to see heavy rainfall represented more accurately in SMPv4; in particular, by increasing both the density and rate of rainfall (as it stands, to my eye some raindrops appear to fall too slowly--looks more like snow than rain). Thanks in advance for your consideration. (screenshot taken from stock XP 11):
  11. CRJ-200 v1.7 Issues (XP 10.5x)

    Thanks Philipp. I did delete my preferences folder, and let XP create it anew. I need to test further, but this seems to have solved the issue with increasing sim time (although I also re-downloaded and re-installed the CRJ-200 from X-Aviation, and so perhaps this is what fixed the problem). However, I still see the CRJ autonomously engaging its thrust reversers on approach.
  12. CRJ-200 v1.7 Issues (XP 10.5x)

    I tried re-setting my preferences, which does not seem to make a difference (and I have verified that I do not have two buttons/keys mapped to the same function/dataref). Regarding point 2) above, starting a plane in an approach scenario is a core feature of XP. And so if an aircraft does not support this feature, then in my estimation it is not 100% compatible with XP and, importantly, should be clearly advertised/marketed as such. I've had this debate with Cameron, who simply rejects the argument. But merely saying so does not make it so.
  13. CRJ-200 v1.7 Issues (XP 10.5x)

    Having a couple of issues with the CRJ-200 v1.7 for XP 10.5x. 1) If I increase the sim speed while in flight (e.g., to 2x normal speed), the CRJ-200 automatically rolls back its thrust levers to IDLE (and holds them there). And of course with no thrust control the plane eventually falls from the sky. However if I set the sim speed back to real time, I regain control over the thrust levers. 2) Relatedly, if I start from say a 3nm approach (using XP's :Location" menu), the thrust levers become stuck in the IDLE position. (p.s., Not sure about this, but it seems that maybe the DRM verification has changed in v1.7. On some occasions, when I try to start from a 3/10nm approach, there is a delay in the plane becoming active (powered up), accompanied by "Waiting to connect to server," which impedes the ability to use this feature of XP to practice approaches). I use an Xbox 360 controller, with the thrust/power controls mapped to the two triggers. In both cases above, when I use the trigger to increase the thrust, the thrust levers in the CRJ flicker/flutter but do not move. I also have power/thrust control mapped to keys on my keyboard, yet with the same result. Likewise, I have tried using my mouse in the 3D cockpit view to move the thrust levers forward--same result; the thrust levers flicker but won't budge. UPDATE: I just noticed that the cause, in the second scenario above, is that the CRJ is autonomously deploying its thrust reversers. And if I pull them in, they just go right back out again. This is probably also what is happening in the first scenario above. The magic question is why this happens in mid-flight? (auto thrust reversers are not armed). I have tested this several times, with all of my third-party plugins disabled (so no conflict there).
  14. SMP4 Rain/Snow Effects

    Interesting; just visited an airport (LEPA) with thunder and lighting in the area, and I can hear heavy rain, but don't see any rain. EDIT: Check that, just needed to turn rain drop size way up.
  15. SMP4 Rain/Snow Effects

    My initial impression of SMP4 is fairly positive--cloud rendering looks better than v3, frame rates seem to be no worse (or not much worse), along with a few other virtues. However, to my eye the precipitation does not appear very realistic. For one thing, it's hard to distinguish rain from snow because at least some raindrops seem to fall at an unrealistically slow rate, and (in my estimation) are unrealistically large (playing around with configuration options, per the manual, does not seem to have a significant effect). I've tested this under various weather conditions using to find airports with moderate-to-severe thunderstorms, rain, snow, etc. Additionally, while on the ground I hear no sound effects for rain. I need to test more thoroughly, but my initial impression of the rain and snow effects are not too positive (just offering this as friendly feedback). On the snow side, I noticed immediately that my snow drift surface textures now move/change at hyper-speed with SMP4 installed; as though the wind is blowing at 200+ kts! It would also be nice, perhaps in the future, to have the ability to adjust the rate of snow and rainfall (i.e., from light to heavy). Thanks.