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  1. veeone

    FMS and Autopilot

    I will not venture into naming names, but suffice to say whilst eye candy is nice, a fully functioning simulation is my preference. Taking off without hydraulics, unable to escape TOGA lock using proper procedures and MCDU loosing the plot are undesirable characteristics. The evidence from the video is encouraging, the time taken to develop the product is admirable. It appears that the team are perfectionists so they will get my purchase. Regards David
  2. veeone

    FMS and Autopilot

    Well put.I had given up on x plane commercial airliners, due to lack of systems modelling, faulty autothrust and MCDU with minimal functionality. Save the lovely eye candy, they are disappointing. Now this 737 really appears to have been created with attention to detail. Looking forward to the release! regards David
  3. My monitor is single Dell Ultra Sharp 2560 x 1440. Set up in XP rendering as ;- Compress textures texture res High frame rate lock to monitor, as refresh rate of monitor run at full screen screen resolution Default Monitor Settings I have reduced my XP rendering settings down to where I see a texture load of 1227Mb (used). Stuff to draw down to default. World detail medium airport detail high 3d on aircraft water default HDR anti aliasing, FXAA Aniso 2x Extended DSF on clouds minimum 10% Skymaxx set at;- Cloud detail minimum Cloud draw distance centre slider Minimum cloud size Max cloud size middle slider Puff rotation minimum God Rays Off Cirrus Med Cirrus texture 2 Force cirrus on Sky colour True Blue Medium Cloud reflections off Solid Strati form Lens flare off Cloud shadows Minimum Terrain Blend softness 1/4 slider from minimum. This resulted in, I got the Skymax down to 752 MB free? (which jumps about, +- 50, BTW!) However, what I don't understand is if we have 4000 (4Gb on a NVidia 980) VRAM, then 4000 - 1227 = 2773? (Available) Where does Skymaxx get the number 752 (Available) from? So far with a short flight over w2xp Europe in the FJ Sim 737, I am stable at about 30 fps. Weather downloaded by FSGRW and the clouds look amazing! I have herd some can run ok with 200 Mb VRAM available, but I just wonder where Skymaxx is obtaining its VRAM number from? I will fly some more and hope XP hold up. Regards David
  4. I concur! I have a new NVidia 980, 4Gb VRAM. I am seeing just 128 MB free after reducing the settings to minimum. By that I mean every slider left and effects off? Something is not correct here?