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  1. rgeismann

    TBM 900 v1.1.4c Update Released!

    Hi Goran & Team, Firstly, thanks so much for your hard work on this plane... It really is a joy to fly! If I remember correctly, you mentioned that you still have CTDs with 11.32r1, and the the update c is primarily to fix the CTD with the flight planning. I am running 11.32r1 and still wanted to try the update, which def. worked from a flight plan perspective, but it did crash shortly before landing when I extended the landing gear. Here are the log files. Hope they can help you in one way or another. Once again, thanks for all your work on this great plane! Ray. Log.txt TBM900_Log.txt
  2. rgeismann

    CTD with X-Plane 11.31rc1 and TBM 1.1.4b

    First of all, thanks for the hard work you have put into the TBM900 and the support you give us. I just wanted to share my log from the crash today, using the updated X-Plane 11.32r1. The CTD occurred after trying to delete the flight plan, so still seams to be the known issue as well. Log.txt TBM900_Log.txt
  3. rgeismann

    Flying into Munich...

    Approaching Munich coming from the south with the Alps in the background...
  4. rgeismann

    CTD with X-Plane 11.31rc1 and TBM 1.1.4b

    I got the TBM 900 about two weeks ago, and it worked flawlessly. A great plane in my opinion, and well worth the money. I am frustrated that the last x-plane update has rendered the plane to be pretty much unusable, but the TBM Dev team have no fault in it breaking. MD111977, while I understand your frustration, playing a blame game and trying to say that the TBM Dev team released something which was not for the market, is not quite right. It worked great, until the last xplane update, at least for me, and I am sure that this will be resolved at the core by the xplane team or by the TBM team. Regarding your comments on sulking, I would just like to share the definition I found for that: be silent, morose, and bad-tempered out of annoyance or disappointment As all others have said here, we need to be patient and wait for the fix, be it from the xplane or TBM team, and then we can all enjoy this great product again.
  5. rgeismann

    Bumpy Runways and Taxiways in Converted Scenery

    Hi All, I have one quick question. Did you manage to get the taxiway lights towork? I am having issues getting those to work. Thanks, Ray.