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  1. brownsen

    I would buy the 777 IF

    My contact at Aerosoft Germany told me that for internal reasons they are not able to sell all addons via the .com site. But it should be no problem buying via the European sites. And the 777 v1.4 (bug fixes and 64bit) is now available via Aerosoft as well. Best regards, Brownsen
  2. brownsen

    I would buy the 777 IF

    Hi Mike, I guess you are the Linux user that got misled with your A320 purchase. But anyways, could you please try the Aerosoft link in my previous reply. As said, they will provide you with the update soon, if you purchase it now. If you still cannot buy it from their site for whatever reason, please contact me directly and I will see with Aerosoft. So far I am very happy with the 777. It is a great addon and on par with the CRJ in my oppinion. So I think it is definetly worth buying it. And if you do not care about liveries, the price is okay IMHO. Kind regards, Brownsen
  3. brownsen

    I would buy the 777 IF

    Ahh, okay, didn't know there was a difference between countries or continents. I can access it via this link: http://www.shop.aerosoft.com/eshop.php?action=article_detail&s_supplier_aid=12506&s_design=DEFAULT&shopfilter_category=Flight%20Simulation&s_language=german If you still cannot see it, let me know and I will contact a member of staff directly to check. May be they do not sell in the US due to the .org. Though I highly doubt it.
  4. brownsen

    I would buy the 777 IF

    The 777 is still a ailable at Aerosoft. The update and Cargo version will soon be available. Updates take a few days longer due to quality control and packaging.
  5. brownsen

    BK117 liveries

    Hi Nicola, Your contributions are excellent and highly appreciated!! So I am worried if you write parting gift. What does it mean? Kind regards, Brownsen
  6. brownsen

    JARdesigns a320

    But the devs are online and have already replied to other queries. So may be they will reply. BTW, comparing the VC with Javier's planes for example, I think it is not the same quality. Because I am an Airbus fanboy and can afford to buy what I want, I just did. But JARDesigns marketing does not reflect reality. Slightly pisses me off that I fell for one of the rushed out products pushed by Nicolas.
  7. brownsen

    JARdesigns a320

    Manual: There does not seem to be a specific one included that for example explains how to update the nav data. Instead they have stolen official Airbus documentation and posted it on the following site: Http://www.airbus320neo.com Wasn't able to load the plane yet due to christmas celebrations. So cannot tell you how well it is implemented. But the missing manual and the stolen FCOM leaves a bitter taste already.
  8. brownsen

    JARdesigns a320

    There does not seem to be a manual included in the download.
  9. brownsen

    CRJ 200 checklist for android

    Just updated it. Many, many thanks for this great app!!!!!!!!
  10. brownsen

    Reversers don't display in replay

    As Ben said, you gotta get used to. Planes like Peter Hager's A380 also behave in a funny way. Sometimes I actually get some fun out of it. Load the CRJ200, connect the GPU, load a replay with a CRJ200 in flight. Now enjoy a flying GPU
  11. Hi there, thanks for the update. But as a paying customer I must admit that I expect an email. Especially as I cannot afford to lurke around forums just to make sure I am not missing any updates. Suppliers of models with a lower price tag manage to inform their customers directly. You should as well. And besides my "complaint": Thanks for this awesome model!!!!!!!!!!!! So far I had not any issues but serious fun and am sure it will stay like this. Best regards, Brownsen
  12. brownsen

    What did you fly today?

    I had something funny with the x737 the other day. Didn't try to reproduce it yet. It's on a fresh X-Plane installation without any extras except for x737FMC, Squawkbox and Simplepushback.
  13. brownsen

    Forum Downtime

    Hey Cameron, no need to apologize! Thanks for putting time and effort into making available this great forum! Have fun, brownsen
  14. brownsen

    Donate? OK, but what happens to my money?

    Thank you, Cameron. That's what I wanted to have clarified. Supporting Indi, so he can focus on Gizmo instead of prostituting himself to the IT industry, is a good enough answer for me to know what happens to the money. @Indi: Do not worry. I am not interested in what kind of cereals you are buying or how much rent you are paying. Just wanted to know what purpose the money serves. Keep up the great work, guys! All the best to this experiment. Would be great if it works out. Have fun, brownsen P.S.: I am an IT prostitute myself for almost 20 years now. So I think I can fully understand Indi's intentions.
  15. Dear Gizmo project members, What exactly will you be doing with the money I might donate to Gizmo? Indi stated in a different thread: Bear in mind, when you donate to Gizmo, you're helping all of these people make cooler products, faster: - Nils Danielson - Tom Kyler - Leading Edge - JGX Designs and the Corvalis - The xEclipse project - Several other projects using it indirectly(exploring ideas and then porting to XPL code) or behind the scenes un-announced. Currently I'm a bit lost as to why I should support xEclipse or commercial development teams. It is also not clear to me how the money will be distributed. So before donating any money for the wonderful Gizmo project, it would be good to know how this would help. Thanks and have fun, brownsen