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  1. P.180 Avanti II

    Thanks for an answer.
  2. P.180 Avanti II

    It would be great to release this plane for X-Plane 10 too...
  3. DC-3 Micro Stutters

    This video was shot in X-Plane 10. So I expect the solution of the problem in X-Plane 10. However, thanks for coming to solve this problem.
  4. DC-3 Micro Stutters

    Off course. I will be very grateful.
  5. DC-3 Micro Stutters

    No only SkyMaxx Pro v3, Real Weather Connector and DC-3.
  6. DC-3 Micro Stutters

    No only SkyMaxx Pro v3, Real Weather Connector and DC-3.
  7. DC-3 Micro Stutters

    No, it happens only with this DC-3. Fps about 60 and small pauses. It's very unpleasant to fly. Especially, take off and land.This is the first addon aircraft on which I noticed this.
  8. DC-3 Micro Stutters

    This happens with any scenery. With other aircraft, this problem is not observed. The same problem with the cockpit view. Reseting settings to minimal in Rendering options has no effect.
  9. DC-3 Micro Stutters

    Hello. I have a problem with micro stutters in X-Plane 10.51. There is no similar problem with any other aircrafts. Thank you for your reply in advance!
  10. Can't activate SkyMaxx Pro v3.1

    We used the same computer. I did not buy it. Today I bought my copy of SMP3.1. And I want to activate it. I do not need someone else's copy of the SMP3.1. I want to remove the previous and activate the copy. My copy. From the point of view of the buyer, I bought it today, I do not want to wait three days to take full advantage of it.
  11. Can't activate SkyMaxx Pro v3.1

    Earlier this computer used by another person. Now I use them. I bought my copy ofSMP3.1, but I can't activate it after the previous user. I have an order number, I have an account, I paid money for this product. What kind of piracy in question?
  12. Can't activate SkyMaxx Pro v3.1

    I have already written, but no answer.
  13. Can't activate SkyMaxx Pro v3.1

    It's not activating.
  14. Can't activate SkyMaxx Pro v3.1

    Hello! There is a problem with the activation of SkyMaxx Pro v3.1. Previously it installed version 3.0, but in a different name. Now I bought another copy and it can not be avtivated on this computer Machine ID:2d375211f56eb9bc2f40cc481e835c8a Thank you in advance for your response!