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  1. RogueShadow

    Demo of Gizmo's Powers

    Hey all, Here is a screenshot of what I was able to achieve with Gizmo in just a few hours of coding - a terrain display complete with a left-right sweep. https://i.imgur.com/AWQ0EvU.png It uses the bake terrain function to build the terrain image and it draws using a radar beam-like sweep. This was all done within a few hours - it would take me quite a while to get this level of development using the plugin method... having to attach a debugger in Visual Studio, make code changes, load a different aircraft, build in Visual Studio, copy+paste to the plugins folder, load the plane, (and do that over and over...) My personal wishlist for future Gizmo versions is if it could include a colour-scheme that mimics the Airbus/Boeing colouring scheme (the ocean is currently magenta in my version from a colour-scheme applied). It could be fixed via a fragment shader but the source in the documentation links have been removed. Other than that, this thing is fully working! Thanks for all the hard work, Gizmo Team!
  2. RogueShadow

    IXEG 737 Progress Update - January 12th

    Looking superb! Thanks for the preview Cameron. Man, those sounds...!