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  1. donnergurke

    SkyMaxx Pro v4 Announcement!

    I am not a native speaker but i think there still is a generic masculinum in English grammar. I am a sales guy. When i am in a room with 10 people, i dont care about the 9 people agreeing with me. I handle the one guy with concerns. If you don't see an issue there i am done with this Forum and kindly thank for your attention.
  2. donnergurke

    SkyMaxx Pro v4 Announcement!

    Allright, i might not have gotten the point of Ben then and feel sorry if he felt personally offended. If it wasn't him instantly confirming my picture of him i would have asked for an excuse but i can deal with him just being on my ignore list. That's a SMP2 40$ + SMP3 20 $ + RWC 20$ + SMP 20$ = 100$ then, which will still put SMP on the has-to-compete-with list with extraordinary FSX/P3D addons. I was also refering this to Tom Knudsen. Put yourself in the shoes of a potential new customer or existing customer coming to your forum, excited, wanting to read about the news of a very interesting product. What you see is customers having their posts removed, market companions geting baned and other forum members ranting about your customers having legal concerns about the product pricing. In the end we are on the same page here i think. We are trying to increase the level of immersion in x-plane and make x-plane and the community great. If i fail to make a visible point help me to explain myself.
  3. donnergurke

    SkyMaxx Pro v4 Announcement!

    Good for you if you do not have to count every penny. Seeing your arrogant behavour towards everybody making a point towards the pricing makes me wonder why you dont jus't donate towards cameron or the community so that every flight sim enthusiast, even the once with small pockets, can get their hands on this product? I could start a rant now how almost every x-plane dev has failed for years to understand the flight sim market economies and dynamics and their potential for x-plane but i decided this is not the right place. You can get an idea if you listen to the comments made by Reed Stough (Dovetail Games) or Mathijs Kok (CEO, Aerosoft) during the last two years flight sim conferences. I understand people are complaining about the pricing policy. SMP1 40$? + SMP2 20$ + SMP3 20 $ + RWC 20$ + SMP 20$ = 120$ I personally did not buy SMP1 because of what i read about it looked too much alpha-banana-software. I joined at SMP2 and felt it was still beta. For that reason and the performance disadvantage i left it disabled over 50% of my flight time. SMP3 in cojunction with RWC finally could remotely reach the quality of addons like ActiveSkyEvolution or Opus. I also paid for Updates to Active Sky2012 and ActiveSkyNext (total sum spent for ActiveSky=100$). Do i need to compare ASN to SMP4 in terms of features and quality? Now ask yourself why so many people are still sticking with P3D/FSX instead of joining x-plane and why you are not gaining this piece of the customer cake. I tell you, it is not solely the quality of addons. I won't double what Vasily said but still have to admit that he had a point with the cloud design. SMP clouds compared to what i see when i look outside of the window (and that also quite often is the window of an airplane) or what i see in xenviro preview are behind in terms of colouring, diversity, spread, shape and size. Regarding Vasily, let me add that i found it quite hillarious how he complained about Maxx-XP demanding money for upgrades but just announced that he will have the same model with x-enviro. Sad that this piece of promising software is being developed by this kind of guy. I am afraid he will loose the competition before it has even started and in the end we all loose because there is no competition. Finally, i still appreciate the work of Maxx-XP and probably will also support and credit their ongoing efforts by upgrading to SMP4 because it is an enhanced experience in terms of eye candy and finally seems to even deliver significantly improved performance over x-planes built in clouds (fingers crossed). As a suggestion with regards to what kjhkent, samgab and airfrancepilote said about your "loyal" cutomers and supporters maybe think of adding an extra 5+% discount for customers that are already here since Version 1/2. One final hint. If you want customers to continue feeding back start moderating, stop administrating. Moderating, censoring and banning have nothing in common.
  4. donnergurke

    Joystick Mappings Not Being Retained

    Its a common problem with x-assign and how it handles custom datarefs. Unfortunately the only fix is to not use x-assign. You can read moe about it in the support section of x-assign. Gesendet von meinem SM-P600 mit Tapatalk