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    [SOLVED] Still getting Aircraft Not Activated on v1.0.6

    Also getting the Aircraft Not Activated in 1.0.7, didn't get it before. Disregard, actually forgot to install the update, derp.
  2. avatartrooper

    [FAQ] Cockpit Reflections

    Same here, no reflections even on the highest settings on a 1080.
  3. avatartrooper

    Green Cockpit Shimmer in XP11

    Yep I also can somewhat confirm this. When you load the Aircraft with the Windows and Covers the green shimmer doesn't go away even when you disable the eyebrow-windows. Also when you load without the Windows the shimmer doesn't appear when you enable them. BUT I've found a solution, well more or less, it does work when you turn up the XP11 reflections by a notch, but that also means a huge performance loss without gaining any visual fidelity.
  4. Well thank you guys I'm yet to fly this bird in 1.2 and only played around on the ground but the updated visuals look amazing, also it's good to see that the cabin got a bit of love. And I think I enjoy the new "feature" (or atleast I didn't notice it before) of the Capt. and F/O seat more than I should (look for a clickspot on the front part of the seat). Anyway great update so far, finally time to delete XP10.
  5. avatartrooper

    Visual gap below warning panel

    Are you refering to my comment about the MCP? Well I'm aware that there are hundreds of versions of the 737s out there especially of the Classics. I still remember the outrage of some virtual captians when IXEG showed the LH Overhead (Switches reversed) in thier first videos (and I'm still waiting for that config in my 737). But I think it's odd or atleast interesting that they use crude ways like that to mark something INOP. I mean you could just not cut/stamp the holes and don't place the Switches and buttons, but no placing huge metal boxes around them seems the way to go. Is it really that much more efficient to do it that way? Well atleast it gives each aircraft it's own character.
  6. avatartrooper

    Visual gap below warning panel

    Ah ok, nice detail. Well rather mentioned something that could be a mistake than missing something out. Just thought it's wierd that you can see the connectors, because you can see here: the mounting metal flap extends quite far back, but i didn't notice that those wires are hanging that low. (btw. that's a wierd MCP config) Also don't get me wrong I love this plane (it's my only Tubeliner where: Flight Hours >= Dollars spend) and i only want to contribute on improving it.
  7. avatartrooper

    Visual gap below warning panel

    Took another picture maybe it's better visible here: There is a small Gap there only a few millimeters wide. Well to be honest i am also not sure if this is intentional or not, for me it looks like it isn't.
  8. avatartrooper

    Visual gap below warning panel

    Hi there, while moving the camera around the Flight Deck during my last flight I noticed that there is a small gap between the front side of the warning panel and it's bottom on the captains and FO's side, which doesn't seem to belong there or atleast not as visible when comparing to real photos (There's a gap between the metal and leathery part on some down there, but the IXEG version still doesn't look right). At some angles you can even see the yellow connectors on the electrical wires like here: P.S. I did a quick search but didn't find any topics about this what suprised me as this is spottable from many position, so sorry if this was already posted.
  9. avatartrooper

    Flight Deck Shadows

    Again I agree with you on the panel, but I think other parts will benefit from. I did some editing on my first post I hope that does reflect my change of mind a little bit better.
  10. avatartrooper

    Flight Deck Shadows

    We definitely shouldn't sacrifice all of the increased Performance we gained through this measure and as you can see from the pictures I posted there are still a lot more shadows being processed in the other aircraft than in the IXEG and still their Classic overall has better visuals. As I said in my second post the change only should be limited to areas that really benefit from this. The effects (visual and frame wise) of enabling the shadows can only be seen when the Team or an community member that knows a little bit about working with plane maker (unfortunately I'm not one of those) takes the time and plays around with those settings. You also have to see when looking at the screenshots that the visual improvement of having those shadows really depends on the specific aircraft, while they look great on the 732, they don't do the 747 a favor and considering that on the 733 has similar shapes and sizes of the objects in question, covering the entire pedestal in real time shadows doesn't add anything. Maybe I'm completely wrong and even focusing on the mentioned areas make it look worse or does decrease the performance more than I expected. As Jan said it's always a delicate balance between visuals and performance and I think discussions or suggestions from different sides are important to find the right spot.
  11. avatartrooper

    Flight Deck Shadows

    Thanks for the reply, so then my first assumption was correct and it's a fair trade off. Actually the more I compare the 747 and 733 shots, the more I think the IXEG approach on the Pedestal is better, especially on the buttons and smaller volume knobs the shadows get weird and look way worse than the baked in (very well done) "texture shadows" of the 733. But I think my point still stands, at least for other parts of the Flight Deck. I tried to capture another screenshot showing some things that can be improved in my opinion without sacrificing too much Performance (or is it really that heavy on the FPS?). Namely everything on the Throttle Stand and the Gear Lever lacking shadows, which you can see during most of the day. As you can see they somewhat look out of place compared to other parts like the Course Knob on the MCP. I hope you can see what I mean here, maybe you can reconsider this decision for those parts. Again a minor thing that won't stop me from flying this aircraft and as I said the more I think about it the more I like the solution on the Pedestal with all the small controls. To be honest the only screenshot I found in my "collection" where the X-Plane shadows look as good is here: (Yeah I know /\ this /\ wasn't necessary but I had it laying around and thought I might as well share it right here as it contributes to my point and also shows X-Planes capabilities very well. And yes it's the FJS 732 in Cruise.)
  12. avatartrooper

    Flight Deck Shadows

    Hello everyone, I just noticed a little thing when looking at screenshots, I'm not even sure if it's a bug or a feature (better Performance?) or if it's already fixed together with the buggy aircraft shadows from the cockpit view in a future update. So basically some parts of the cockpit are not casting shadows like the radio knobs on the pedestal, the fire handles,* the Flap-, Speedbrakes-, Gear-, Fuelcutoff- and Throttlelevers and maybe on some other parts I haven't noticed yet. At the same time all knobs an switches on the MCP and the yoke have shadows aswell as the "problem parts" mentioned above in other default or third party aircraft. I've tried different Plugin combinations without any change. The following screenshots were made with a clean X-plane Install with SMP, RWC, MaxxXP and in some cases RTH with shadows set to Global (high). Except for the first screenshot, all of them were made at the same place on about the same time of day First of all here you can see the "bug" very well on the Fuelcutofflever and Firehandles. A shot of the Pedestal. THIS SHOULDN'T BE CHANGED* In contrast this is from the default 747, you can clearly see the shadows of the Audio and Radiopanels. And it does look worse than the ambient shadows seen in the pic above.* And finally here's the LES SAAB, pretty much every switch, knob or lever is casting a shadow (except on the pressurization where the shadow already gets blurry) and it really makes a difference. Again, this is a very minor thing, one on that you don't really notice if it's existent or absent, as long as you're not looking for it, but it does improve the immersion, a important part of any Game or Simulator and also something the IXEG-Team gladly seems really fond of. To wrap this thing up, a huge thank you to the developers for creating this piece of software and I'm sure this problem will be fixed or it becomes an option. This Addon is one of the few across all platforms (the only one in XPX to this level) that really gets you into the state of mind of sitting in an living, breathing machine. Seriously on my third flight I noticed the plane veering to the left on taxi, looked at the engine gauges saw that engine one is accelerating slower and is running on an higher EGT and my first thought was "I really need to keep an eye on that engine" not the typical "Oh, that's a nice feature". That's a experience I've only had before in a A2A GA or a damaged DCS Warthog (this is a very positive compliment). *look at my second post for clarification So I hope my English did hold up during all of this and, I know I'm repeating myself, a huge thanks to the whole Team for the amazing aircraft and also the great support after a bumpy start.