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    Wow got a warning from x-plane.org forum

    so much for free speech if you have a valid complaint you SHOULD be able to say what you want speech police geeeeeze
  2. coxo2436

    SkyMaxx Pro 1.3 Update Released

    i followed instructions to the letter read the manual cover to cover still wont draw proper real local weather weather in windowed mode or VR it doesnt matter where i fly even when i go to bad bad weather site al i get is clear skys with a fiew cirrus really disappointing i wonder can i get a refund i have skmaxx pro plus skmax realweather plugin cloud dont move even in 30 knot winds
  3. coxo2436

    lua script for x737

    Thanks for that I did say I am a total noob I wouldn't have known the difference between the two
  4. coxo2436

    lua script for x737

    can one of you geniuses please explane (in detail) as i am a total noob how to write or edit a lua script to assign a switch or lever for x737 fuel cutoff switch please thanks in advance