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  1. The B737 Classic Project

    I think it looks even better than PMDG.
  2. 777 (especially 77L/F and 77W) 747 757 727 737 Cessna 150 Cessna 210 Lake LA-4-200 C208 Caravan King Air (all models) Pilatus PC-6 Turboporter Bell 412 Bell 407 Astar AS-350
  3. Saab 340A - Released!

    VERY fair price!!! Congrats!
  4. Saab 340A - Menu System Preview

    This thing is packed with features! More than I ever would have thought...
  5. Sweet! It keeps getting better and better!
  6. Saab 340A - Release week is here!

    This'll be a very exciting week!!!!!! It's been great following this product, and I can't wait to try out what I've been anticipating over the last few years!
  7. Updating the Cessna 152

    I can't wait for this! I fly a 150 in real life and this thing looks so realistic!
  8. Saab 340A Enters Beta Testing!

    Is that rain on the windshield??
  9. Updating the Cessna 152

    Wow! Can't wait! It'll be a great practice tool!
  10. PMDG officially developing for X-Plane

    I highly doubt they will do the MD-11. Rob has already discussed how it was unsuccessful which is why there will not be an update for the FSX version. I really hope it's the NGX! The J-41 wouldn't surprise me though...
  11. Saab 340A Project Cancelled

    Yeah, and it's not like anybody would have bought it anyway!
  12. Saab 340A Project Cancelled

    You had me worried for a second!
  13. What types of aircraft have you flown?

    Flown On: 737 Classic (-300, -500, or both) 737-700 DC-3 Piloted: Cessna 172RG Cessna 150 Schweizer 300 Cessna 210 Lake LA-200
  14. Right turn pull

    It's probably just the torque. Does the amount of roll you experience correlate with how much throttle you give it?
  15. The B737 Classic Project

    I've never flown on a Southwest -300 with winglets.