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  1. Michael_B767_ATP

    Location of Preset Effects

    Hi Frank, Figures... that entry looks great, my hats off to the creator. I could swear I was looking down at a Brooklyn neighborhood (in the summer heat) coming into KLGA. I just would of liked to kick up the contrast a bit. Thanks for the quick reply Frank. Mike
  2. Michael_B767_ATP

    Night Lighting Is Beautiful

    Hi Everyone, Just getting started with XP11, I'm hoping my hardware will work with this program... After adjusting the night lighting, XP11 looks amazing.
  3. Michael_B767_ATP

    Location of Preset Effects

    Hi John, I like the Mojave Desert preset, it wasn't included in the files above... Can you put that one up? Thanks Mike
  4. Michael_B767_ATP

    Maxx FX & Gizmo Icon lower left corner of display

    Thank you Ben!
  5. Hi, I just purchased thee copies of Maxx FX for my 737NG Wrap. It works just fine, the problem being the icons that are now on my screens. How can I remove these (speaker with an X in it) icons without disabling Maxx Fx. It completely ruins the views. Thank you Mike