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  1. THaBoHNix

    Socata TBM-900 New Exterior Previews!

    Absolutely fantastic model! The only detail striking to me are the exhaust pipe holes. They look like „sealed“ with aluminium around the exhaust pipes, even though on the PT6 the connection to the exhaust duct is actually a bit further inside the cowling. No big deal, of course, it‘s just looking slightly odd. One question: Will there be visual icing and de-icing effects on the wings and boots? This would be just awesome.
  2. THaBoHNix

    Announcing the Socata TBM 900!

    Any news on your progress so far? Would love to see it this month.
  3. THaBoHNix

    Precipitation and Icing

    Thank you for the explanation! For sure SMP‘s cloud representation is absolutely astonishing, at least now I know why the link between SMP‘s cloud / precipitation placement and X-Plane is not possible so far. We‘ll see what future updates of both can bring!
  4. THaBoHNix

    Precipitation and Icing

    Hi, I was just flying over the Alps using SMP v4.6 with RWC and FS Global Real Weather as a data supply. I had Garmin Pilot running in parallel and was observing some very heavy thunderstorms with strong precipitation in the area on the iPad. In the sim I was indeed able to see many of SMP’s „new“ big cumulonimbi, but: - In reality, storms were rather concentrated in a few larger cells than distinct CB‘s. In X-Plane however, I was seeing huge CB‘s up to FL350 all around, regularly distributed. - After circumnavigating the first ones, I flew right into one because there was absolutely NO precipitation indicated neither on the G1000 NEXRAD nor on the X-Plane map (which is essentially the same). And indeed, in the CB nothing happened - no turbulence, no precip, no icing at all. It was the same in all other storms and clouds until landing. In fact, there were just two tiny patches of light precipitation on the whole map! I‘m writing about this because it was not the first observation of this type. Since I’m using SMP+RWC+FSGRW I had actually just one situation with light to moderate icing and precipitation that was also visible on X-Plane‘s map/NEXRAD - and I am flying in stormy/rainy weather very often. Quite often I can see SkyMAXX‘s precipitation but it doesn’t seem to have any effect on the plane (which makes sense if it‘s not visible on the map and therefore non-existing for X-Plane). So, in my sim environment SMP‘s cloud depiction is very good, but - in most cases they‘re just absolutely harmless which is not realistic at all. To me it seems like the FSGRW to SMP to X-Plane link doesn‘t work that good regarding precipitation, maybe the weather supply is the issue? Maybe you have some ideas about how to change this as the experience in bad weather is quite annoying so far. If you need some other data, just let me know! Thank you and best regards.
  5. THaBoHNix

    Announcing the Socata TBM 900!

    Great! Aand what about that synthetic vision on the PFD‘s ??
  6. THaBoHNix

    Announcing the Socata TBM 900!

    Absoultely great to see such a high performance turboprop in X-Plane in maxmimum immersion! Could you please elaborate on the maintenance and wear system? Do you estimate wear and tear (I mean also these microscopic effects like temperature increases or power decrease over time or the temperatures in different parts of the engine) or has this all been recorded on a real aircraft? Very cool indeed!
  7. THaBoHNix

    Xplane 11?

    Hi LES, so X-Plane 11.10 is finally here! How are your plans / time schedule now for releasing the V1.5 and V2 updates of the Saab? And I'm highly looking forward to the Citation II - how is your progress on this airplane? Hope it's not many months off. Thank you and regards