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  1. Sorry Cameron, I did everything the way you wrote. I have been working with Xplane for a long time and have knowledge. You may please understand, if you don't get an answer and at the same time comes advertising, you are a bit frustrated. I think the GIZMO is causing problems. The v1.2 works with the old GIZMO. I think that with the installation of v1.21 will a new GIZMO be installed? I hope for a solution soon Thanks
  2. I flew the previous version a lot and was very satisfied. The previous version works fine I like the733! Unfortunately the update produces an error message? I reported a mistake here. Unfortunately there is no reaction and help. Also I've also solved ticket #UWRBX: IXEG 2.21 But also here no reaction! I think this is bad and think about buying a new one at X-Aviation! Sorry for my frustration, always thought " customer is king " Why is in "version. txt" (aircraft folder) 11 and not 1.21 written? Advertising by X-Aviation gets you daily but help ?? Thanks!
  3. I have also a gizmo bug with version 1.21 XP 11.20r1 Draw votices is off! Thanks for help! GizmoLog.txt http://
  4. Why pushback only works straight ahead? XP10 and XP11, WIN10 Thanks
  5. hermi

    Strange Clouds

    Ok, Thanks
  6. hermi

    Strange Clouds

    SMP4, Xplane 10.50 These are strange clouds. Help! Thanks
  7. It is possible to fly a holding with the FMC? Thanks
  8. new installation of 737, I only need the update 1:07 or I have to start with the first update? Thanks Hermann
  9. hermi

    SkyMaxx Pro 2.0 Has Been Released!

    Many thanks for the update! The clouds look fantastic Allow me a question: why not move the shadow of clouds continuously? It seems that would move the shadow up every 2 to 3 seconds. Sure, if you are flying you can not see it, but if you stand on the appron! Thanks