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    Transfer SkyMaxx from one Mac to another?

    Thanks Cameron.
  2. I have SkyMaxx installed for XP11 on an old Mac that I have just replaced as with a new iMac as my sim machine (2017 iiMac). I am wondering how to transfer the license from my old iMac (which will not be used for simming anymore) to my new iMac. The name and account will be the same, just the machine is different and I will still only have one copy of SkyMaxx. I am assuming that I need to do something to transfer the license? Thanks, Bruce.
  3. Thanks for the info on ESC Yes, I have heard about the Mac slowdowns due to heat. I'm a recent Mac convert myself, and also have a home-built PC in "mothballs" that I could use (my significant other bought me one of the new 5k Macs in December of 2014, which wasn't cheap either , so I figured the "safest" thing to do was to not use the PC for simming-. Which was also my intro to XP, for the obvious related reason. Now I love both the Mac and XP..... Thanks again, the support here is the best! Bruce
  4. Thanks Jan.. "yeah, the ESC thing...beyond IXEG´s control, fortunately" I'm not sure what this means, maybe referring to a prior post in this thread? "Try to disable the option "Show custom animations in replay" in the PREFERENCES menu and try again?" I looked at this- if I understand the graphics of the buttons in the Preferences menu, the round gray "button" means "off", and when the black "indented spot" appears in the middle, this means "on". If I'm right, the ""Show custom animations in replay"" was "off" anyway. But the "Debug" option was 'on", so I turned that to "off" (still not sure what that does). The more I try this bird with El Capitan installed, the more I see perf increases, so hopefully this will help too. On the reverse thrust issue yesterday- I tried that same flight again (KDEN-KBJC), as well as the reverse thrust (before installing the new OS). I did;t get the problem, and reinforces the fact that the fps slow-downs are sometimes very random in nature as to what causes them- to be honest, it's hard to correlate them to anything, other than the FMC button presses that disabling Avast AV seemed to fix. If I can help any further please let me know (trying things), and I will continue to post here of any experiences. Thanks, Bruce.
  5. Hi Bernjamin, There is no airac, I'm using XPX (updated) as purely stock, no add-ons at all, nothing, other than the IXEG bird. I haven't had much time to fly later today, bit did notice that the El Capitan seems to be a little faster with XPX than with Yosemite. Will be able to try more tomorrow. Thanks, Bruce.
  6. Hi Bernjamin, I disabled all shields in Avast, after restarting the iMac to make sure I was on a newly re-started machine. With no addons other than the IXEG (I had even uninstalled FlyWithLua and RTH, no mesh, no other a/c, absolutely a "virgin" install), I used the FMC and noted that entry of data fields did not have the lag that I saw previously. So, that's a good sign. I took off from KDEN 16R using VNAV and LNAV and the AP, flew to KBJC (only about 10 miles, KBJC is my real airport when flying RL), once again with no additional scenery. Landed after disconnecting the AP, brakes on, went to SHIFT-/ to activate the reverses and down to less than 3fps from 40 fps (using 1080p res). I'm now installing El Capitan, will see what happens then. Is there any info from my system or XPX that would be helpful to you guys? I will keep trying....when it works, this bird is amazing!!! Thanks, Bruce.
  7. Thanks, Benjamin..... Can you please remind me what OS you are using? With Avast (which I also have), did you open Preferences, then disable the three shields? Or is there more to turning off Avast? Thanks so much for the info! Much appreciated! Bruce
  8. If I get time this weekend I might try updating the OS to El Capitan (I'm not sure yet what to expect or how this upgrade works)... Will depend on whether I need to be in the office this weekend most likely.....
  9. Hi Benjamin and Jan, My OS is Yosemite, and am thinking of upgrading to El Capitan. I have figured (looking at these threads) that this would be a good move so will proceed to do that. I wish there was more to correlate the issue to so that testing was easier, my only clue is that it's mouse-click related and on a Mac. But this issue aside, this IXEG product is absolutely awesome and a pleasure to "fly". Thanks, Bruce.
  10. Hi Jan, I'm running Yosemite, updated. I have pondered upgrading to El Capitan, maybe I should try that.. I will certainly try with FlyWithLua disabled too. I wish I could correlate this more with something so it was easier to check, all I can go on is that it appears to be mouse-click related on a Mac. I also fly with Time Machine turned off. I will post here if I find anything. I also have the following thread that I started last night, FYI: Thanks, Bruce.
  11. This seems somewhat similar to another thread here (Direct-To in out to FMC on Mac causes 0.3 fps). I noted this a week ago when entering a flight into the FMC, where there was a delay between clicking an FMC key and the data appearing (this may be the way that the real thing works, my one experience ion with a Mac so I assume it's related to that). The delay after clicking the FMC keys seemed to get worse, After departure, I twice increased cruise altitude in the FMC (using VNAV). This input was delayed similar to the above the first time, then the second time I got the "spinning wheel" on the Mac, which after a while disappeared and I got the 0.3 fps (which makes the pull down menus almost impossible to use). Like most people I have installed many addons, so I did a fresh install of XPX, installed FlyWithLua and RTH, and the IXEG B733 only. I did no FMC input, and the frame rate was around 26fps. I engaged the AP, then clicked ALT HLD on the MCP, which appeared to be non-responsive. I then clicked it again, and instant 0.3 fps. This lasted foar about 5 minutes then it came back to normal 25-26 fps. My Mac is a 2014 "5k" model, 32GB RAM, 4GB vRAM, and an i7 quad core. I was running the B733 at 1080p resolution. I have a screenshot of the fps counter if ot would help. Any help most appreciated. I get to "fly" XPX (my only sim) only an hour or two a week. Thanks, Bruce.
  12. I'm going to open a new thread regarding something similar, also with OSX. I have seen this same affect also when using the FMC, although in my issue it was entering a higher cruise altitude several times after departure. Here's what I noticed:. Entering the info into the FMC before departure, on some keys at least, had a delay between clicking the key with the mouse and the data appearing in the FMC window. Like a delay of about 2-3 seconds. This appeared to get progressively worse in response time. It came to a head when I wanted to increase cruise altitude in VNAV, requiring a new input (I did this twice) into the FMC. On the second time I got the spinning wheel (Mac symbol of trouble) and the sim froze, then the spinning wheel went away and I got 1/3 fps (1 frame in 3 seconds). I then reinstalled XPX totally, and installed nothing else but the IXEG B733 only (other than Fly-with-.lua and Terra-Haze). Today I got the same thing on my fresh XPX / IXEG install, other than the mouse response issue was not using the FMC, but using the MCP (ALT HLD). Of course, the first reaction is to re-click the button, since it is initially unresponsive. This seems to compound the issue. I also see a similar issue with the JAR A320, and also seems to be related to mouse action. Although I am not sure that the two birds are exactly exhibiting the same issue. Any help most appreciated. I have a screen shot of my fps counter if it's useful, of the event today with the IXEG bird. Bruce,
  13. Two hot-fixes in one week..... what great service and commitment. You know, it's not just the aircraft (which on it's own is amazing), and/or XP; it's this crew and their support and dedication to the product that really add tremendous value. You guys have raised the bar! Bruce.