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  1. Thank you for your answer Jan. I have problems after departure not arrivals and descend. I have changed all A to specific altitiudes and works fine:) I will waiting for next update After update 1.21 Xplane crashed and stopped during the flight about three times for five flights. Is it possible to do this because update to 1.21??? Grettings Chris
  2. Hello Next Flight this same problem. LIMJ LAGEN M859 VAMTU UM984 DIVKO UN975 BISBA LEBL and I have checked all waypoints and there where all altitiudes but VNAV didn't work. I started manually and after last SID waypoint before LAGEN, LAGEN changed 250/55FL A to 250/------ why??? After set LAGEN 250/180FL VNAV work ok. It's Very frustraiting please do something with that. Grettings Krzysztof
  3. Hello After update to 1.21 twice time I have a problem with VNAV. First flight from LGAV to LIRN and now form LIRN ISKIA M603 PNZ M729 MEDAL M729 IDONA LIMJ. Everything was ok until a set DEPARTURE RWY 24 ISKI5A and then some waypoints have gap/missing altitiudes including ISKIA waypoint When set manually altitiudes VNAV work. Grettings Krzysztof
  4. I'm virtual airline member and procedures is very important for us, but real life is... all systems are ready and I'm waiting for align. But nobody is perfect For now - it is my third cruise with IXEG and I have to say IT IS STUNNING! If you make full funcionality FMC (RTE DATA doesn't work and things from above posts) I think it will be better than PMDG - next wish - FMC in separate window - my english - flying window? Perfect job IXEG Now it has sense to fly with XP11 PITCH TRIM - adjust sim/flight_controls/trim/pitch_trim_up and down in flywithlua script made by sparker xsaitekpanels.ini for ixeg737 - if anybody need more accurate info I'm ready to help
  5. For now I have problem with IRS after ALIGN and NAV on Navigation display I have yellow MAP and tcas fail and abowe on horizontal display ATT and v1 inop. What can I do? Ok I read manual and there is info about 13 minutes - it's a little long in virtual life
  6. Thank you Litjan for answers Ixeg did perfect job with this plane lights cabin etc Could tell about FMC and modification route like this - oryginaly is MIQ after I put MIQ230/08 to add some waypiont but FMC doesn't recognized it?
  7. Thank you for your quckly reply I will try to exclude folder from windows defender and will see what happend But there is one more - lights - exactly cabin lights and outboard left and right cabin lights - all lights knobs (captain, co pilot, both site of MCP and overhead panel) I turn to max to right and every seems to be ok but overhead has iluminated letters but whole panel is very dark. I was doing preflight procedures setup MCP FMC etc. and after few minutes from cold and dark cabin became brighter than before and overhad is beautiful whole iluminated, any idea? - by the way when start evening/night in cold and dark setup I can't see battery master switch outboard lights - when turn on all landing lights, inboard light are exactly in this moment but for outboard lights takes few seconds. Is it normal? And they appears like oppening lights in sport cars, from crew cabin seeing - my english is not well to described this better And one more - I setup whole plane with my saitek panels etc. It takes me a few hours and it happend once - left engine shutted down. It was exactly when I was turning light knob on right site of MCP. I was wondering about that I turn some switch by accident but whole switches where in good positions. Any idea? fuel tanks about 8 tons. And one wish - do something with import routes to FMC - I use proffesional flight planner by aerosoft and any export files doesn't match And this co route request, have to write exactly name of route to import it. Please do something with this. Mayby like every one else (PMDG, Aerosoft, 777 by R&P) just pick up files what you want to use. I have changed sim from Prepar3d v4 and beloved PMDG 737-800 to xplane 11 because a lot of airports scenery has problem with frames about 15-9 FPS. I have really good computer with two MSI graphic card gtx 1070 and i7 and water cooling - that information is for questions which can appear. Mayby this computer is not good enough for 4 monitors, three for wide screen and one monitor for maps etc. but a lot games the newest games don't have these problems. Best regards Chris
  8. Next problem - after take off when a try to put star in FMC frames freez and 0,5 FPS??? I had to ctrl+alt+delete:/ What is going on? Is it often? What can I do with this? Regards Chris
  9. Hello I just bought Ixeg 737 classic and installed xsaitekpanels and have a little problem. On Multi Panel every is ok but PITCH TRIM wheel doesn't work Could you help? Regards Chris